Ceradis and Winfield® United have reached a partnership to distribute CeraMax® (Natamycin) in the United States
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  World Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:Ceradis Crop Protection B.V. is a global developer and marketer of environmentally friendly plant nutrition and crop protection solutions. Recently, the company cooperated with WinField® United relies on CeraMax®The distribution of seed treatment biological fungicides reached a cooperation.

  CeraMax Vice President of Marketing and Sales Jan Stechmann said:”We are very pleased to cooperate with WinField United. This is an important milestone in the commercialization of CeraMax in the United States. This cooperation reflects the two companies’ commitment to the future of biotechnology. And the common goal of providing growers with efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.”
  CeraMax is a new biological seed treatment agent used to prevent soil-borne diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium virguliforme, the pathogenic pathogen of Sudden Soybean Death Syndrome.
  CeraMax contains the effective ingredient Natamycin, which can enhance the genetic potential of crops, enhance the early season vitality of crops, and ensure that their seedlings emerge stronger and more uniform. CeraMax was previously registered as a biological fungicide for soybean seed treatment with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and recently received government approval to extend its label to corn and wheat.
  CeraMax is a new generation solution to improve plant health, providing a new choice for growers to resist damaging diseases such as Sudden Soybean Death Syndrome. If such destructive diseases are not resolved, they can reduce soybean production by up to 50%in severe cases.
   Over the years, research and experimentation carried out in 10 states found that CeraMax and Acceleron® The incidence of Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans treated with Standard mixed treatment was significantly reduced. Compared with Acceleron Standard alone, the yield increased by 4.3 bushels per acre on average. Research experiments have also found that CeraMax has excellent performance in improving plant vitality, better than ILEVO® and Saltro®, showing no signs of phytotoxic stress to soybeans.
  WinField United plans to sell CeraMax in the soybean producing areas most affected by Sudden Soybean Death Syndrome in the past few years in 2021.
  WinField United seed treatment agent marketing manager Ashley Giese said:“We are always looking for new technologies that can maximize the return on investment for growers. Our goal is to provide growers with innovative, performance and value-driven seed treatment products. . We believe that CeraMax will help us realize this strategy.”
  Giese also said that the cooperation with Ceradis not only further reflects the company’s mission to provide customers with a new generation of products, but also strengthens the company’s rapidly growing seed treatment product portfolio.
  Stechmann believes that the newly formed partnership between the two companies fully demonstrates the growing demand for biological inputs in the United States. He went on to say that growers are eager for new solutions to cope with the changing crop production situation. Ceradis is committed to achieving this goal through high-performance environmentally friendly products. These products can help crops give full play to their genetic potential, maximize the return on investment for growers, and increase crop yields.
  In the 2021 planting season, users can obtain CeraMax through WinField United and Direct Enterprises, Inc. located in Westfield, Indiana.
  About Ceradis B.V.
  Ceradis B.V. is a subsidiary of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative environmentally friendly plant protection products and formulations. The company has developed and obtained patents for (biological) preparation technologies that can improve the effectiveness of existing chemical active ingredients, thereby reducing the use of chemicals per unit area and residues on crops, making it more environmentally friendly. Ceradis has also developed and applied for a patent for biological fungicides based on natural products. The effect of the biological fungicide is equivalent to that of the chemical fungicide, and it is very convenient for farmers to handle. Ceradis aims to promote the development of more environmentally friendly agriculture. Ceradis has four product development platforms and cooperates with some of the world’s leading plant protection companies to sell its first products in many countries. For more information, please visit www.ceradis.com and follow Ceradis on LinkedIn.
  About WinField United
  WinField United is the seed, plant protection products, agricultural services and agronomic technology business unit of Land O’Lakes, Inc. As an industry leader, WinField United mainly meets the needs of nearly 1,300 locally owned and operated cooperatives, independent agricultural retailers and growers in the United States and Canada. Advanced agronomic technology supported by data provided by WinField? United; excellent operation and sustainable solutions.