Catfish and shrimp farmers in Vietnam face rising feed costs
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   News from SeafoodSourse on April 2 that Vietnamese catfish and shrimp farmers are facing pressure from rising feed prices, and suppliers claim that the cost of imported raw materials has continued to rise.

   A feed manufacturer said that the price of catfish feed in the Mekong Delta will increase for the fifth time in April. The cumulative increase in the previous four times has caused feed prices to increase from VND 1,050 per kilogram to VND 1,300.
   Most manufacturers said that the mandatory control measures taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic have disrupted the feed supply chain and the price of imported feed materials has increased, so feed prices will inevitably rise accordingly.
  According to data from the Vietnam Aquatic Products Exporters and Producers Association, during March 12-18, the price of 0.7-0.8 kg of catfish per kg was between 21,000-21,500 VND, and the price of the same period in February was 19500-20000. Between Vietnamese Dong.
   Despite the pressure from rising feed costs, the increase in market demand offset the increase in costs. In the first half of March, Vietnamese catfish were exported to many larger markets, especially exports to China and the United States.
   For shrimp farmers in Vietnam, the situation is very similar. The price of shrimp feed increased by 1,200-1900 VND per kilogram, an increase of 1.69%-5.03%year-on-year. Ca Mau Province is the main shrimp farming production base in the Mekong Delta.