Canada intends to revise laws and regulations on breast milk fortifiers
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   On April 14, 2021, Canada plans to amend the relevant parts of the Food and Drug Regulations that involve breast milk fortifiers. The main revisions are:

  1. The definition of expiration date will be expanded to apply to breast milk fortifiers;
  2. Revise the definition of”nutritional supplements” as foods sold or represented, whose energy and basic nutrients may be insufficient, excluding breast milk fortifiers;
  3. The current definition of”baby food” will be revised, replacing”representing infant food” with”advertisement marked or intended for infant consumption” to make the meaning of”representing” once more clear. To maintain consistency, similar changes will be made to the definition of”breastmilk substitutes”;
  4. The definition of”infant” will be modified to change the word”person” to”individual”;
   5. The definition of”specialty food” will be revised to exclude breast milk fortifiers.
  The revised content will take effect on the date of publication in the Canadian Gazette.