Can fight the new crown? A certain lactic acid bacteria drink was once out of stock and the company’s stock price soared! But the result of the experiment actually came out like this…
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   At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in South Korea is still severe, and some ways of preventing new crown pneumonia in life are attracting attention. Some products have appeared on the market, and they are marketed under the banner of preventing and containing the new crown virus.
   Recently, in South Korea, a lactic acid bacteria drink that claims to reduce the new crown virus has attracted strong attention, but after investigation by relevant Korean authorities, this company is suspected of false propaganda.
   In the past two days, this lactic acid bacteria drink produced by a well-known Korean dairy product company has soared in popularity. On the afternoon of the 13th of this month, the company announced at a research and development meeting that during the experiment, it was found that this drink can reduce the new crown virus by 77.78%.
   After the news was exposed, many related products in supermarkets and convenience stores were sold out. However, because the company’s experiments were conducted on monkey lung cells infected with the new coronavirus, and did not conduct animal or human experiments, the Korean epidemic prevention department and experts immediately stated that it is difficult to determine if the experiment is not conducted on human subjects. Its actual effect. On the 14th, the company’s share price rose to close to the daily limit within 20 minutes of opening, and then fell rapidly, and showed a downward trend for three consecutive trading days.
   After an urgent investigation, the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency believed that the company was suspected of false and exaggerated publicity and violated relevant laws. While reporting to the police, it imposed a two-month penalty on the company. South Korean securities exchange regulators are also investigating the company for suspected stock price manipulation. On the 16th, the company publicly apologized and admitted that the results of the experiment were not rigorous.
   Coincidentally, when a South Korean device manufacturer promoted a nasal device that can reduce snoring, it said that the far-infrared rays released by the product can prevent multiple diseases such as new coronary pneumonia. It was later identified as false propaganda by the Korean authorities High fines were imposed, and the person in charge of the company was also transferred to the procuratorial organ. In addition, South Korea last month investigated many online shopping platforms that sell masks, disposable disinfectants, thermometers and other anti-epidemic products, and found that at least 20%of the products have false and exaggerated publicity.
   Relevant Korean authorities also remind consumers not to blindly believe and buy products that promote the prevention or reduction of the new crown virus. Wear masks and wash hands frequently. It is more important to do a good job in epidemic prevention.