Bulgaria refused entry of 1203 tons of imported food in the first quarter
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  Bulgaria 24 hours report April 15 news, according to the news released by the Food Safety Agency, in the first quarter of 2021, Bulgaria refused to import a total of 1203 tons of food from non-compliant countries. Among them, 560 tons of citrus and 190 tons of sweet peppers were confiscated due to excessive pesticides; 60 tons of hazelnuts and peanuts were found to exceed the standard of aflatoxin, and 13 tons of honey were refused entry due to non-compliant information such as origin and composition.

  Compared with the 2,200 tons of food denied entry in 2020, the number of food denied entry in the first quarter of this year has reached 57%of the entire year of last year. The above investigations are carried out in accordance with EU rules and guarantee laws. The food seized is destroyed or returned to the country of origin, and early warning information is issued through the EU Rapid Warning System for Food and Feed (RASFF).