Brazil imports 668,400 tons of agricultural chemicals in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 5.8%
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   World Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquim), Brazil imported a total of 668,386 tons of agrochemicals last year. Compared with the 709613 tons in 2019, imports fell by 5.8%.

  According to Abiquim’s monitoring report, in US dollars, Brazil’s total pesticide imports in 2020 were 5.257 billion US dollars, which was a decrease of 2.2%compared with the total purchases of 5.374 billion US dollars in 2019.
   On the other hand, the export of agrochemicals produced in Brazil has been greatly reduced. In 2020, the total export value is 47,067 tons, valued at 327,513 US dollars. In 2019, Brazil exported 49,542 tons of agrochemicals worth US$367,383. Compared with 2019, 2020 (equivalent to US$367,383) decreased by 5%. In U.S. dollars, due to the sharp depreciation of the Brazilian currency real against the U.S. dollar, the decline was 10.9%.
  In addition to agricultural chemicals, Abiquim also focused on fertilizer intermediate products, which are the main imported products. In 2020, Brazil purchased nearly US$7.2 billion in intermediate fertilizers, which is equivalent to 61.7%(31.8 million tons) of the 51.5 million tons of externally purchased chemicals.
  The main supplier countries are Asia, especially China and India, which together accounted for 35%, which accounted for more than one-third of Brazil’s total purchases last year.