Brazil approved 39 generic pesticides, including 14 low-toxicity products including Beauveria bassiana
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Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:The Plant Protection and Agricultural Input Bureau of the Brazilian Agricultural Defense Secretariat issued Decree No. 19 in the official gazette on April 13, announcing the approval of the registration of 39 generic crop protection products (also classified as Preparation products) for farmers to use. Among them, 14 are considered to be”low toxicity” products.

   Among the registered products, there are four microorganism-based products, namely Beauveria bassiana, Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus velez and Bacillus subtilis.
   There are five kinds of phytohormones and baculovirus products, and five are registered products for organic agriculture, containing diatomaceous earth, Beauveria bassiana, Bacillus and baculovirus.
   Five phytosanitary products approved for use in organic agriculture have been registered in accordance with the Reference Specification (ER) and can be used on any crops that are harmed by biological targets. The same can also be used for organic crops and conventional crops.
  Low toxicity products have little or no impact on human health and the environment, and the use of these products in Brazilian agricultural production is increasing.
   The 9 listed products include at least one product on the Brazil lack of phytosanitary support (CSFIs) list. Two products worth mentioning are mancozeb and difenoconazole. Approved in Brazil for more than 20 small crops.