Both husband and wife were detained! A black tofu processing workshop in Yueqing was investigated for abusing food additives
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   When it comes to food additives, most of the friends are disgusted and always feel that he is not a good thing. In fact, we are focusing on combating It is”two supers and one non” (PS:two supers and one nonsense refers to the use of food additives beyond the scope and limit, and the illegal addition of non-edible substances)

   strictly check

  Assault Black Workshop

   In the early morning of March 31, the Yueqing City Market Supervision Bureau received a report and conducted a surprise inspection of a local black tofu processing workshop in conjunction with the public security department. Law enforcement officers discovered on the spot that the small workshop was run by a husband and wife, and there were a number of empty bottles of caramel, sunset yellow and other food additives in its production and processing area. According to the relevant standards of the”National Food Safety Standards and Food Additives Standards”, food additives such as caramel color and sunset yellow are not allowed in soy products, and the black workshop is suspected of breaking the law. On-site law enforcement officers sampled and submitted 7 products involved in the case, including finished soy products and soaking water samples of soy products found in the production and processing area of ​​the small workshop.

   On the morning of April 1, the products involved in the random inspection were inspected by the inspection department, and the results confirmed that the dried tofu and 2 kinds of soy products produced in the small tofu processing workshop The measured values ​​of sunset yellow in the immersion water samples all exceeded 0.05g/kg, and the detected content of sunset yellow in dried tofu has exceeded the minimum limit of sunset yellow in all other foods, suspected of over-range food abuse Additives constitute criminal liability. The case has been transferred to the public security organs for handling in accordance with the law. At present, the two parties have been detained.

   remind again

  Business operators should pay attention to the following points in their daily operations:

   One must carefully study the relevant laws and regulations of the industry;

  Secondly, we must consciously fulfill the main responsibility of food safety;

   Third, we must adhere to the bottom line of the law, put an end to illegal additions and any other violations of laws and regulations that violate the health of the people, and operate in compliance with the law and in good faith.

  Standards for safe use of food additives

  In order to protect the health of consumers, implement strict, continuous and dynamic management of food additives in application and use, according to the latest domestic and foreign The research results, the food safety assessment of food additives, the adjustment of the scope and amount of use, the use of food additives should comply with five principles:

   should not cause any health hazards to the human body;

   should not cover up food spoilage;

   should not conceal the quality defects of the food itself or in the processing process, or use food additives for the purpose of adulteration, adulteration, or forgery; div>

   should not reduce the nutritional value of the food itself;

   Try to reduce the amount of food used on the premise of achieving the desired effect.