Bengbu Bengshan District Market Supervision Bureau strengthens daily supervision of small restaurants and promotes the implementation of food safety management systems
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   In order to further implement the”four strictest” requirements for food safety, strengthen daily food safety supervision, promote catering units to better implement the main responsibilities of food safety, and improve the level of food safety management, Bengbu Bengshan Market Supervision Bureau launched Special inspection actions focusing on small catering.
   One is to increase inspections. Small catering service units are a key difficulty in food safety supervision. They are faced with problems such as limited hardware environment, insufficient software capabilities, and low food safety awareness of employees. The Bengshan District Market Supervision Bureau has increased the frequency of supervision and inspection, actively communicated with catering service operators, guided and promoted the implementation of rectification and reform of catering units, and effectively improved the level of food safety assurance.
   The second is to consolidate the main responsibility. The operating behavior of small catering units is an important juncture that determines food safety. Therefore, it is very important to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety and earnestly perform job duties. The Bengshan District Market Bureau urged the small catering units to strictly implement the food safety management systems such as purchase inspection, request for evidence and ticket, processing and production, and cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils. To provide catering services on online platforms, it is necessary to standardize operations in accordance with the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Safety of Online Catering Services, optimize the food safety monitoring system of the online platforms, and promote the strict implementation of the main responsibilities of food safety on the online platforms.
   The third is to strengthen publicity and guidance. Strengthen food safety education by issuing food safety leaflets, organizing food safety training, and on-site presentations on food safety knowledge, and instructing business owners to operate legally in accordance with the”Food Safety Operation Regulations for Catering Services”, so that business owners can find problems in a timely manner and eliminate them. Hidden dangers have achieved good publicity effects.