Baqiu Branch of Xiajiang County, Ji’an, conducts surprise inspections of beverage shops
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   In order to rectify and standardize the operating order of the ready-to-sell beverage industry, and strictly control food safety risks, the Baqiu Branch of the Xiajiang County Market Supervision Bureau has recently issued a report on the beverages in the area under its jurisdiction that mainly produce milk tea and fruit and vegetable juice The shop conducts surprise inspections to protect the safety of consumers’ tongues.
   This surprise inspection focused on checking the food supplier qualifications, food qualification certificates, food purchase and sales return receipts, food purchase inspection systems and records and other related materials of the beverage store, and checked whether the licenses are complete and the employees’ health certificates Whether it is expired, whether the disinfection and cleaning of the beverage operation area and tools and drinking utensils are in place, and whether there are milk tea products that have exceeded the shelf life. Regarding irregularities in the inspections, law enforcement officers ordered the relevant operators to make rectifications within a time limit on the spot. At the same time, law enforcement officers instruct operators to improve the food purchase inspection and certificate requesting ticket system, and require beverage store operators and employees to earnestly enhance their awareness of food safety responsibility to ensure consumer food safety from the source.
   A total of 32 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect 12 beverage shops in this surprise inspection. In the next step, the Baqiu branch will continue to follow up and inspect the implementation of the rectification of the operators, and severely investigate and deal with the business operators who have not changed within the time limit or the rectification is not in place.
Draft Source:Baqiu Branch of Market Supervision Bureau of Xiajiang County