Ausnutria and MAKUKU reached a strategic cooperation to promote Oz Farm’s new social retail
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   On April 10, the strategic cooperation between Ausnutria Dairy & MAKUKU and the signing ceremony of Aussie’s entry into social new retail was held in Changsha, Hunan. Ausnutria Chairman Yan Weibin and MAKUKU CEO Jiang Zhengzhen signed the strategic cooperation on behalf of the two companies protocol. After the signing of the agreement, Ausnutria’s milk powder brand Oz Farm officially entered MAKUKU. The two parties will open and share the core capabilities of social new retail, and carry out multi-dimensional in-depth cooperation in the field of maternal and child health. Hu Fangming, Vice President of Ausnutria China, Yang Yi, COO of MAKUKU, and heads of major departments of Ausnutria and MAKUKU attended the signing ceremony.
   Ausnutria joins hands with MAKUKU

   two-way empowerment to build a win-win pattern
   With the upgrading of consumption and the penetration and application of the 5G Internet, the maternal and child channels are constantly being restructured and changed under the connection of”people, goods, and fields”. As an emerging business model, social new retail is integrating online and offline The rapid development of the way, empowering the transformation and upgrading of traditional retail, and narrowing the distance with consumers. At the same time, data from iiMedia Research shows that in 2020, China’s maternal and child market will be 4.09 trillion yuan, and it is expected to reach 4.77 trillion yuan in 2021. The maternal and child market has become a huge track, full of Endless possibilities. Based on this consensus, Ausnutria and MAKUKU both expressed their full expectations for the cooperation between the two parties.
  ”In recent years, Ausnutria has continued to consolidate the upstream end of research and development, supply, etc., while also constantly reforming and improving the company’s marketing model to provide consumers with a more intimate and warm service experience.” Ausnutria Chairman Yan Weibin said At the signing ceremony, it was stated that Ausnutria has established a comprehensive supply chain layout around the world, and Oz Farm has carried the great dream of Ausnutria’s development in Australia. MAKUKU has a very clear strategy, a strong execution team, and proven successful experience. It is believed that by leveraging the advantages of different business formats and jointly promoting the rapid iteration of each other’s business models, both parties can add value to the brands of both parties and find new breakthroughs in the highly competitive maternal and infant market.
   It is reported that MAKUKU? Cool is a new retail platform for maternal and infant home furnishings based on social new retail. It is committed to creating a DTC (Direct to Consumer) brand that strongly interacts with consumers. The core is to provide consumers with high-quality, high-grade and high-safety home furnishing products based on online platforms such as APP, Wechat Mini Programs, Tmall,, and offline stores.
  ”Australia’s corporate mission of’Global Nutritional Care and Growth’ is highly compatible with MAKUKU’s vision of’creating exquisite life for global mothers’.” MAKUKU CEO Jiang Zhengzhen said that as a mother and baby home As a new retail platform, MAKUKU pursues product brand and channel brand integration, online and offline integration, product and service integration, domestic and international market integration, and the four-in-one proposition to deploy the national and even global markets while letting The brand is truly integrated into the life of the mother and baby group, giving every consumer a sense of belonging. MAKUKU will cooperate with Ausnutria in resources with an open and win-win attitude, and strive to make Oz Farm a world-renowned brand.
   The two parties agreed that the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will become a new starting point for the win-win cooperation between Ausnutria and MAKUKU, driving the two parties to take this opportunity to carry out in-depth cooperation and to complement each other at the level of resources and channels. Jointly empower the continuous upgrading and transformation of new social retail models in the maternal and infant market, and create greater value for the industry.
  Oz Farm enters social new retail

  Create a warmer dairy brand
   At present, the technology-driven retail model reform has blurred the boundaries between online and offline; user-centric omni-channel and full-scene integration has become a new growth pole for dairy retail. Taking this signing as an opportunity, Ausnutria’s brand Oz Farm also officially entered the social new retail.
   As one of the representative Australian brands under Ausnutria, Oz Farm has always adhered to the concept of”green, natural, safe, and high-quality”, relying on the company’s strong R&D strength and cooperation with the Australian Dairy Board and the Infant Nutrition Council. , Australia’s first-class universities and scientific research centers nutrition experts have long-term close exchanges and cooperation, continue to combine Australia’s natural and pure milk source with forward-looking nutritional concepts, rigorous research and development spirit, and are committed to providing different consumers with comprehensive and professional products The service has become one of Australia’s most popular nutritional dairy brands. Its products have won many honors such as gold and silver awards issued by the Dairy Association of Australia (DIAA).
   AoYo China Vice President Hu Fangming said:“For Oz Farm, MAKUKU is not only a simple sales channel, but also can be used in brand marketing, product development, big data cooperation, etc. Oz Farm provides important strategies and support.” In the future cooperation, Ausnutria will strictly control the products, and MAKUKU will be responsible for global channel construction and brand promotion, two-way empowerment, and jointly create Oz Farm Australia. Zi DTC social new retail brand.
   It is worth mentioning that, in order to further meet the individual nutritional needs of Chinese consumers, Oz Farm’s strategic product, Oz Camel Milk, will also enter the Chinese market through MAKUKU this year, helping to promote China The healthy and diversified development of the dairy market.
   After the signing ceremony, the MAKUKU team, accompanied by Hu Fangming, Vice President of Ausnutria China, visited Ausnutria’s smart chemical factory, smart nutrition hall and laboratory, and highly affirmed Ausnutria’s high-quality development.