Argentina SENASA decided to ban chlorpyrifos
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   World Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:In the heated debate about the use and abuse of pesticides in the country’s agricultural production, Argentina’s National Agricultural Food Hygiene and Quality Service (SENASA) decided to ban the organophosphorus insecticide chlorpyrifos.

  The banning process will be gradual. Although the specific implementation timetable has not yet been determined, it is expected that the entire process will not exceed one year and is currently underway.
  First, Argentina will ban the import of chlorpyrifos-based active ingredients and preparations. After that, Argentina will ban the production of chlorpyrifos in the country, and then it will completely ban the sale of the product.
  Chlorpyrifos is used in fruits, vegetables, grains and garden crops. This move by Senasa is consistent with the re-examination and registration of the active ingredient by many regulatory agencies around the world, because of the emergence of new toxicological studies on the active ingredient.
  This review produced new results in the consumer risk analysis process, so the regulatory authorities concluded that it is necessary to restrict the approved uses of chlorpyrifos by banning it.
  Senasa seeks to strike a balance between protecting the health of consumers and the interests of product users, and ensuring that the export of Argentine grains, vegetables and fruits will not be rejected by the export destination market such as the EU.