Anshun Town Ning Autonomous County Market Supervision Bureau Huancui Branch strengthens agricultural and sideline product market supervision
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   Recently, the Huancui Branch of the Market Supervision Bureau of Anshun Zhenning Autonomous County has strengthened the supervision of the agricultural and sideline products market within its jurisdiction.
   One is real-name registration of existing agricultural and sideline product operators, and operators with fixed business premises are urged to operate under a license and operate under a bright license;
   The second is to issue edible agricultural product purchase inspection ledgers to agricultural and sideline products operators, requiring operators to truthfully record the name, quantity, purchase date and supplier’s name and other relevant information of the edible agricultural products, establish a relevant purchase inspection system, and strictly The purchase channel is closed;
   The third is to issue”Clear Papers on Laws and Regulations Related to Market Sales of Edible Agricultural Products” to operators to publicize relevant laws and regulations and require operators to regulate operations in accordance with regulations.
   This time, a total of more than 40 agricultural and sideline product operators were inspected, and more than 50 copies of the”Edible Agricultural Products Market Sales Relevant Laws and Regulations Understanding Paper” and more than 50 edible agricultural products purchase inspection accounts were issued, and 5 of the inspection records were not fulfilled in accordance with the regulations. The household operators conduct on-site guidance and norms.