Announcement on the Registration of Geographical Indications of Agricultural Products of the People’s Republic of China (2021) No. 1
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  Zhulu County Seed Technology Extension Service Station and other units applied for the implementation of national agricultural product geographical indication registration protection for 186 products including”Zhuolu Purple Garlic”. The application materials have been reviewed and confirmed by relevant prefectural and county agricultural and rural departments and provincial agricultural products The Geographical Indication Work Agency has passed the preliminary examination, and has been reviewed by the China Green Food Development Center and organized by experts to meet the registration and protection conditions stipulated in the”Administrative Measures for Geographical Indications of Agricultural Products”. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs intends to approve registration and implement protection in accordance with the law. The registration content of the 186 geographical indications of agricultural products to be registered and protected this time is now publicized (see the attachment for details).
  If relevant units and individuals have objections to the content of the publicity, please submit a written submission to the China Green Food Development Center before May 6, 2021, and explain the specific content and reasons of the objection.
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   April 6, 2021

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