Announcement of Tianjin Municipal Health Commission on Publicly Soliciting Proposals for the Establishment of Tianjin Food Safety Local Standards for 2021 (Jinwei Disease Control [2021] No. 173)
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   According to the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and its implementation regulations, the”Notice of the General Office of the National Health Commission on Further Strengthening the Management of Local Food Safety Standards” (Guoweiban Food Letter [2019] No. 556) requirements and Regarding the relevant regulations of this city, our committee will publicly solicit proposals for the establishment and revision of Tianjin Food Safety Local Standards for the year 2021 from the date of the issuance of this notice. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:
  1. Project scope
  Tianjin local specialty food, including:
   (1) Food safety requirements for local specialty foods;
  (2) Inspection methods and procedures that match the standards of local specialty foods;
   (3) Hygienic requirements for the production and operation process of supporting local specialty foods, etc.
   Local specialty foods refer to foods with more than 30 years of traditional eating habits in some regions, including local-specific food ingredients and traditional food production methods, related food safety indicators or requirements that cannot be covered by existing national food safety standards food.
   Foods already covered by national food safety standards (including general standards), formula foods for infants and young children, formula foods for special medical purposes, health foods, food additives, food-related products, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, substances listed in the National Pharmacopoeia (listed Local standards are not allowed to be established according to the tradition, except those that are both food and Chinese medicinal materials.
  II. Related requirements
   (1) The project proposal should conform to the local food safety standards set by the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China and its implementation regulations, meet the actual needs of the city’s food industry development, and help solve outstanding food safety problems in this city. Reflect the need to strengthen food safety work.
   (2) The project proposal should be fully demonstrated in terms of necessity and feasibility, and the standard for the proposal should be based on food safety risk monitoring and related assessment. When submitting a project proposal, it should provide the working basis and conditions, relevant scientific literature, expert opinions and other materials to support the project proposal.
   (3) The project proposal should not overlap with the national food safety standard project plan being carried out by the National Health Commission.
  3. Time limit and procedures for submission
   When making a project proposal, both electronic and paper documents should be submitted.
   (1) Electronic file submission. Fill in the form of”Tianjin Local Food Safety Standard Project Proposal” (attachment), and send an e-mail together with supporting materials to the office mailbox of the Secretariat of Tianjin Food Safety Local Standard Review Committee
   (2) Submission of paper documents. The completed proposal and related supporting materials shall be stamped with official seals and mailed to the Secretariat Office of Tianjin Food Safety Local Standards Review Committee (Room 1305, Tianjin Health and Family Planning Comprehensive Supervision Institute, No. 94 Guizhou Road, Heping District, Tianjin, 300070 Wang Yan) .
  (3) The submitted project proposal will be included in the 2021 local food safety standard system (revision) plan and announced to the public after being reviewed and approved in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
   (4) The deadline for project proposal solicitation is April 30, 2021.
   hereby announces.