Announcement of the Zunyi City Liquor Industry Association on the establishment of the group standard of”Zunyi Maotai-flavor Liquor”Year Wine””
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   In order to standardize the “vintage wine” market of sauce-flavored liquor in Zunyi City, crack down on the chaos of “vintage wine” of sauce-flavored liquor in Zunyi City, and promote the healthy development of the sauce-flavored liquor industry in Zunyi City. The relevant provisions of the”Standard Management Measures” have been approved by the Zunyi City Liquor Industry Association for project review, and the group standard project of”Zunyi Maotai-flavor Liquor”Year Wine”” is now approved. The drafting unit is requested to organize the preparation work in accordance with the requirements of relevant work specifications.
   If any unit or individual has any objection to the standard items, please provide feedback to the office of Zunyi Liquor Industry Association within 30 days from the announcement date.
   Contact:Liu Dong 18212200221, Feng Dandan 18786150836
  Mail Box:[email protected]
  Attachment:Zunyi City Liquor Industry Association Group Standard Project Application Form
   Zunyi Liquor Industry Association
   March 29, 2021