Announcement of the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Market Supervision on Regulating the Wearing of Masks by Food Service Practitioners (Shenzhen Municipal Supervision Notice [2021] No. 27)
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  In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and food safety risks, referring to the”General Hygiene Code for Catering Services” (GB 31654-2021), combined with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, the relevant matters concerning the standard wearing of masks for catering service practitioners are hereby notified as follows:
   1. The catering service unit is the first person responsible for epidemic prevention and control and food safety.
   2. Catering service units should be equipped with a sufficient number of disposable masks that meet the requirements, organize practitioners to carry out training on standard wearing masks, supervise employees to implement the work requirements of this notice, and actively accept the supervision of consumers, industry associations, and the media and promptly Make corrections to effectively protect the health and life safety of consumers.
   3. All catering service practitioners should wear disposable medical masks or surgical surgical masks throughout the work period.
  4. Food service practitioners should wear masks and change them in time during their on-duty period, keep their work clothes tidy, clean and disinfect their hands in time, and avoid direct contact with mouth, eyes, nose with unclean hands, sneezing or cough Effective way to prevent possible pollution caused by droplets.
   5. If it is found that the catering service unit has not complied with the requirements of this notice, consumers, industry associations, media, etc. can request it to make corrections immediately, or make a complaint through 12345.
   This notice will be implemented from the date of its release.
   Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration
   April 2, 2021