Announcement of the Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association on the establishment of two group standards including the”Technical Specifications for Disinfection of New Coronary Pneumonia in the Outer Packaging of Imported High-risk Cold Chain Food”
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All relevant units:
  According to the relevant provisions of the”Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association Group Standards Management Measures (Trial)”, the society has reviewed the”Technical Specifications for the Disinfection of New Coronary Pneumonia Imported High-risk Cold Chain Food Packaging” and”High Import Risks During the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic” The project review of the two group standards of the Technical Specification for Disinfection of Non-Cold Chain Container Goods. The declared group standards meet the requirements for the project, and the project is now approved.
  The standard-making units are requested to organize the implementation in strict accordance with relevant requirements, strictly control the quality of the standards, and effectively improve the quality and level of standard compilation, and enhance the applicability and effectiveness of the standards.
   At the same time, producers, operators, users, consumers, educational and scientific research institutions, testing and certification institutions, government departments, etc. related to the project standards are welcome to participate in the drafting of the standards. If you are interested in drafting the standards, please contact me.
  Contact:Zhang Yucheng
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  Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association
  March 23, 2021