Announcement of the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau on the”Double Random and One Open” inspections of 4 special food business enterprises including Jiangxi Liangyou Marketing Co., Ltd.
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Districts, cities, and provinces directly manage pilot counties (cities) market supervision bureaus, provincial quality inspection institutes, and provincial food inspection institutes:
   By the end of 2020, in order to carry out in-depth special clean-up and rectification of the health food industry, implement the”strictest supervision” requirements for special food safety, and further urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of food safety and local supervision departments to implement daily supervision responsibilities, the provincial bureau organizes Supervisors and technical experts have carried out inspections on the special food operation of Jiangxi Liangyou Marketing Co., Ltd. and other 4 companies in accordance with the requirements of”Double Random and One Disclosure”. The inspection results are reported as follows:
  One, check the basic situation
   (1) Inspection of Jiangxi Liangyou Marketing Co., Ltd. Inspection time:December 11, 2020. The company was included in the”List of Business Abnormalities” on July 7, 2020 because it failed to publish its annual report within the time limit specified in Article 8 of the”Interim Regulations on the Disclosure of Enterprise Information.” During the on-site inspection, it was found that the residence stated on the company’s business license and the residence and business premises stated on the Food Business Permit were “1801, Building 11, Xintian Oasis Community, No. 100 Xinzhou Road, Xihu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. In fact, the company has not been found here, and it has been listed as the”Kaiwu Vocational Skills Training School Kaiwu Family Service Vocational Skills Training Base Kaiwu Health Management Center”. The current legal representative of the company, Chen Maohua, was contacted by telephone. He refused to cooperate with the inspection work and refused to go to the scene, claiming that the company had been merged by Nanchang Tourism Group Company in March 2020, and the company must agree to it before cooperation. Checked, but did not provide the contact number of the person in charge of the group company.
   (2) Inspection of Jiangxi UBM International Trade Co., Ltd. Inspection time:December 10, 2020. The registered address of the residence stated on the company’s business license and the residence and business premises stated on the”Food Business License” are”6th Floor, Building 2, Junjia Plaza, No.392 Shunwai Road, Qingshanhu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province”. But the company’s actual residence and business address are not here. The company’s “food business license” includes “dairy products (including infant formula milk powder)” among its business items, but it has not operated infant formula milk powder since its establishment.
   (3) Inspection of Jiangxi Jiang Chinese Medicine Trading Co., Ltd. Date of inspection:December 17, 2020. The residence stated in the business license and the residence and business premises stated in the”Food Business Permit” are”Jiangzhong Medicine Valley (No. 1 Zhaoxian Road), Wanli District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province”. The actual files, personnel, and finance are all Located at:No. 788, Torch Avenue, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. There are no stores in the business premises, and no risk level, health certificates and food safety commitment letters of the main employees are posted on the business premises. The acceptance results (color, properties, etc. of the product) were not registered in accordance with the requirements of the work instructions during the warehousing acceptance.
   (4) Inspection of Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Date of inspection:December 17, 2020. The company is a health food manufacturer and does not need to apply for a food business license for the sale of health food. The company’s”Food Business License” for the sale of health food was cancelled on January 9, 2020. The on-site inspection did not find that the company sold health foods produced by other companies.
  2. Requirements for the next step
   (1) The operating conditions of Jiangxi Liangyou Marketing Co., Ltd. have undergone major changes, and there are situations in which food safety supervision and inspections are rejected or obstructed, and are suspected of violations of laws and regulations. Please Nanchang City Market Supervision Bureau to organize further investigations and report the relevant situation after the processing is completed. Send it to the provincial bureau.
   (2) In response to the problems of each enterprise discovered during the inspection, the territorial supervisory authority should urge the inspected enterprise to make rectification within a time limit and regulate operations; the inspected enterprise should submit an acceptance application to the territorial supervisory authority after completing the rectification, the territorial supervisory authority After the organization has confirmed the acceptance, the results of the acceptance shall be announced to the public and submitted to the provincial bureau.
  (3) All localities should draw inferences from one another in daily supervision, effectively strengthen the supervision and management of special food operators, implement daily supervision and inspection requirements, and ensure that inspection frequency and coverage meet the specified requirements; inspections found that special food operators have long-term authenticity Those who do not deal in special foods shall be urged to apply for changes in food business licenses (reduction of special food business items) or cancellation as soon as possible. If they refuse to handle special foods, they shall announce to the public the fact that they have not dealt in special foods for a long time; if operating conditions of special food business units are found to have occurred If the change is not dealt with in accordance with the regulations, it shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 126 of the Food Safety Law and Article 37 and Article 49 of the Measures for the Administration of Food Business Licensing; if it is discovered that it conceals the true business situation, or refuses, obstructs, or interferes with the supervision and inspection , Strict investigation and punishment according to law.
   April 1, 2021