Announcement of Nanchong City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on the Supervision and Sampling of”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ (No. 02 of 2021)
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   Recently, our bureau organized and carried out special sampling inspections on food and cosmetics. The food sampled 200 batches of samples in 7 categories, including cakes, wine, roasted food and nut products, vegetable products, beverages, edible agricultural products, starch and starch products. Eight batches of samples were found to be unqualified. The main reasons for the unqualification were the use of food additives exceeding the limit and the quality index, etc.; 50 batches of cosmetics including hair dyeing, perming, whitening, sunscreen, freckle removal, lipstick, lipstick, facial mask, etc. The results of the second samples are all qualified.
   For the unqualified samples found in the random inspection, the market supervision and management bureau where the producer is located has carried out verification and disposal in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, supervised the production and operation enterprises to find out the product flow, and took measures such as removing the unqualified products from the shelves to control the risk ; Acts in violation of laws and regulations shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law; the risk prevention and control measures taken by the enterprise and the verification and handling conditions shall be disclosed to the public in a timely manner.
   Please refer to the attachment for the details of this supervision and sampling inspection.
   If consumers find or buy substandard products in this announcement on the market, please call 12315 to report the complaint.
   hereby announces.
   Nanchong City Market Supervision Administration
   March 29, 2021