Announcement of Jilin Province Market Supervision and Administration Department on the Analysis of Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Inspection in the First Quarter of 2021
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   In the first quarter of 2021, Jilin Province announced a total of 4,971 batches of food sample supervision and sampling results, including 4,869 batches of qualified samples and 102 batches of unqualified samples. The overall sample pass rate was 97.95%, 0.45 lower than the previous quarter percentage point. The pass rate of bulk daily consumer goods remained basically stable. Among them, the pass rates of processed grain products, condiments, quick-frozen foods, and dairy products were all 100%, and the pass rates of meat products and edible agricultural products were 97.65%and 96.24%, respectively, slightly lower than the overall sample. Qualification rate (see the attachment for the results of various food supervision and sampling inspections).
   From the perspective of unqualified items, three types of problems were found, including excessive heavy metal residues, excessive pesticide residues, and excessive use of food additives in food, which accounted for 46.08%, 30.39%, and 11.76 of the total number of unqualified items.%. In response to random inspections of unqualified foods, local market supervision departments have urged companies to take measures to remove the shelves and recall them to control product risks, and to investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law.
   The specific sampling information published by the market supervision departments at all levels can be inquired on their website or through other effective channels. Among them, the random inspection information published by the Market Supervision and Administration Department of Jilin Province can be found in the”Sampling Inspection Information” column of the website of the Jilin Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Department.
   hereby announces.
   Market Supervision and Administration Department of Jilin Province
   April 12, 2021