Announcement of Jiangxi Provincial Administration of Market Supervision on Risk Control and Verification and Disposal of Unqualified Food (No. 4, 2021, No. 4)
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  In the food sampling inspection organized by the State Administration for Market Regulation, one batch of unqualified food has been verified and disposed of. The risk control and verification and disposal of unqualified food are now notified as follows:
   Potbelly tea (substitute tea) produced by Wuhan Wansongtang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., a nominal manufacturer sold by Jiangxi Qinhan Network Technology Co., Ltd.
   1. Food name:Potbelly tea (substitute tea); production date:2020-05-18; unqualified item:caffeine.
   2. Risk control, verification and disposal of business links:
   The Qingshan Lake District Market Supervision Bureau of Nanchang City delivered a notice of inspection results to Jiangxi Qinhan Network Technology Co., Ltd. within the specified time and ordered it to immediately stop selling and recall unqualified batches of food. After verification, the company purchased 100 boxes of pot belly tea (substitute tea), sold 50 boxes, recalled 50 boxes, and returned them to the manufacturer. In view of the fact that the company provided the food production license, business license, food factory inspection qualification report, purchase and sales account of the batch of food suppliers during the verification, and can truthfully explain the source of the purchase, there is sufficient evidence to prove that it does not know The purchased food does not meet the requirements of”Determination of Sibutramine and Other Compounds in Foods” (BJS 201701), meets the requirements of Article 136 of the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”, and is exempt from administrative penalties.
   Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration
   April 13, 2021