[Animal and plant quarantine] Across the ocean to wind up the powder
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  Walking across the ocean to wind up fans

   Rice Noodle Export Manual
   Jiangxi is known as the”Hometown of Rice Noodles”. According to incomplete statistics, the daily consumption of fresh rice noodles in Jiangxi is between 1,000 tons and 1,200 tons! ! !
  Jiangxi rice noodles are characterized by strong tenacity, long-time cooking and continuous frying. The noodles of different counties and cities have their own unique flavors, such as Nanchang mixing noodles, Shangrao hot noodles, Fuzhou foaming noodles, Xinyu pickling noodles, etc. , Can definitely satisfy the picky tastes of the majority of foodies, making you picky, full of mouth, and unable to move your legs. Want to know how these rice noodles made their C debut? Follow the editor to take a look at this rice noodle export manual.

  Export rice noodle production enterprise filing
  Customs implements record management on export rice noodle production enterprises. Enterprises can apply to the customs for filing after meeting the following conditions:
  ● Rice noodle manufacturers should establish and implement a food safety and sanitation control system with hazard analysis and prevention and control measures as the core.
  ● Rice noodle manufacturers should ensure the effective operation of the food safety and sanitation control system.
  ● The production, processing, and storage of rice noodles must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of my country and the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations of the importing country (region).
   Filing procedures
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   Through the”Internet + Customs” integrated platform, fill in and submit the”Export Food Production Enterprise Filing Application Form” to apply to the customs for filing. The enterprise shall be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted documents and certification materials and promise to comply with relevant standards And requirements. Enterprises that meet the statutory requirements after customs review can be filed.
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  Enterprises can go through the filing procedures in the following ways:
  ①”Internet + Customs” integrated online service platform:http://online.customs.gov.cn/
  ②China’s export food production enterprise filing management system:http://qgs.customs.gov.cn:10080/efpe
  ③The on-site office window of the local competent customs.

  Daily supervision
  Customs conducts daily supervision of export rice noodle manufacturers, and grasps the production situation of the enterprise to ensure that the exported rice noodles meet the requirements of the importing country or region.
  Supervision content:
  ◆Understand the basic information of the company and the implementation of each link of food production safety;
  ◆ On-site inspection of related documents such as the enterprise quality management system to verify whether it is effectively operating the food safety and health control system;
  ◆ On-site inspection of premises, goods, and equipment, focusing on the company’s environmental hygiene, production and processing, use of raw materials and food additives, etc., to grasp the company’s production safety status.

   Exit Inspection
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   declare before export
  The rice noodle manufacturer or its agent declares through the”single window” and submits the following materials:
  1. Agency inspection application power of attorney (only applicable to agency inspection application).
  2. Supply certificate, factory inspection form, toxic and hazardous substance test report, relevant commercial documents and other export documents required by the General Administration of Customs.
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   The customs implements the inspection and quarantine conformity assessment according to the regulations, and determines the application batch for on-site inspection or sampling for inspection according to the system directive or the risk management requirements of the rice noodles, and the customs staff conducts on-site inspection or sampling for the export rice noodles. , Will be cleared and released after inspection or passing the inspection.
   If the inspection is unqualified or unqualified, and the rectification cannot be implemented, the”Notice of Outbound Goods Unqualified” shall be issued and the export shall not be allowed.
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