Anhui Provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute has achieved initial results in the rapid detection and research of edible oil
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   The food safety research team of the post-doctoral workstation of Anhui Quality Inspection Institute and the food safety quick inspection team of Professor Chen Wei of Hefei University of Technology have recently proposed a rapid identification method for the fluorescent test strips of capsaicin in low-quality ditch oil through a preliminary collaborative study.
The    team used time-resolved fluorescent microspheres with excellent anti-background fluorescence interference as markers to label capsaicin antibodies, and established a rapid screening method for capsaicin based on fluorescent lateral chromatography test strips. The oil sample to be tested is simply mixed with alcohol and allowed to stand. After being mixed with the sample liquid, it is directly dripped onto the test strip to achieve precise screening of capsaicin in the edible oil sample to be tested. The entire testing process can be It was completed within 0.5 hours, and the detection sensitivity reached 2.3 ng/mL. At the same time, the established fluorescent lateral chromatography test strip can effectively identify natural capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin and synthetic capsaicin in edible oil, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of detection. The established method has the advantages of simple operation, short detection time and high sensitivity. It has been applied to the on-site inspection of the production of illegal bulk waste oil, providing effective technical support for the rapid screening and identification of harmful ingredients in edible oil.
  The collaborative research results were published in the high-level journal”Food Chemistry” in the field of food science”Time-resolved fluorescent lateral flow strip for easy and rapid on-site quality control of edible oil”, online in 2021.