Anfu County, Ji’an City, took various measures to carry out the special action of”banning catches in the Yangtze River and breaking the chain”
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  In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Yangtze River Basin ban on arrests, the Anfu County Market Supervision Bureau has carried out a special action of”the Yangtze River ban on arrests, retreat from arrests and break the chain” a few days ago.

   The first is to strengthen organizational leadership, and layer responsibilities. Establish a special action work leading group with the main leader as the team leader and the in-charge leader as the deputy team leader to ensure unified and efficient actions and comprehensive and effective supervision.
   The second is to strengthen the supervision of aquatic product processing and operation. Intensify the daily supervision and inspection of aquatic product production enterprises and small processing workshops in the jurisdiction, and urge the procurement, processing, sale, and use of illegal fisheries and their products not to be purchased, processed, sold, or used. Increase the supervision and inspection of aquatic product sellers such as agricultural product wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, and catering service providers in their jurisdictions, urge them to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, and strictly prohibit catering establishments and fresh food markets under the name”Yangtze River Wild”Jiangxian” and other banners sell illegally caught fish.
   The third is to strengthen online market supervision and advertising supervision. Strengthen the supervision of the sale of”Yangtze River Wild Fish” and”Wild River Fresh” on e-commerce platforms within the jurisdiction. Through a combination of big data capture + law enforcement manual investigation, targeted monitoring of e-commerce platforms and network operators in the jurisdiction is carried out, focusing on capturing information about commodities involving the Yangtze River Basin and Poyang Lake wild fish, and timely discovering relevant violation information And deal with it according to law. Promptly deal with false and illegal advertising clues involving wild animals such as”Yangtze River Wild Fish” and”Wild Jiang Fresh” discovered during monitoring.
  Fourth is to increase the intensity of law enforcement inspections. On-site inspections of prohibited waters, restaurants, aquatic product wholesale markets, fishing gear sales shops, and strictly prohibit the operation of destructive fishing gear such as explosive hooks, string hooks, and visual anchor fishing, and strictly prohibit the use of fishing gear, fishing methods and other types that seriously damage aquatic biological resources Fish-finding equipment, video aids. Strictly investigate and punish illegal activities such as purchasing, processing, selling, and using illegal catches in accordance with laws and regulations. To use”Yangtze wild fish” and”wild river fresh” as gimmick marketing and use, to make false or misleading commercial publicity on the source and quality of goods, to deceive and mislead consumers’ unfair competition behavior; to illegally sell or buy , Consumption of precious and endangered aquatic wild animals and their products in the Yangtze River Basin; acts of publishing false and illegal advertisements for illegal wildlife trade; illegal acts of purchasing, processing, and operating illegal fishing and aquatic products; once discovered, they must follow the law Strictly and promptly be punished.
   The fifth is to actively play the role of the 12315 complaint and report platform. Unblock complaints and reporting channels, respond to the concerns and reasonable demands of the masses in a timely manner, receive and promptly handle related complaints and reports, implement a reporting reward system, encourage the public to actively report relevant illegal clues, and give full play to the supervision of the masses. Promote the work of the Yangtze River ban on arrests, guide consumers to consciously resist the”game” of the Yangtze River, consume civilization and rationally, and form a co-governance pattern with everyone participating.
   As of now, the county’s market supervision system has supervised 51 aquatic product processing and operation units, 18 farmer’s markets, 56 supermarkets, 347 catering units, 10 fishing gear sales shops, and 1 network operator. , Produced more than 300 leaflets and banners, and proposed 20 rectification measures.