Adama launches Soratel (Prothioconazole), a fungicide for cereals and rapeseed
By: Date: 2021-04-06 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: , report:Recently, Adama released a new prothioconazole fungicide Soratel in the UK. Compared with the best-selling products on the market, this product adopts unique formulation technology to improve the disease of cereals and rapeseed. The control effect.

  Soratel (250 g/l prothioconazole) uses ADAMA’s new Asorbital formulation technology, which combines two solvents and one adjuvant. This new formulation was developed by Adama’s global research and development base in Neot Hovav, Israel. According to Adama, the product can improve the absorption of fungicides by leaves, and allow the effective ingredients to be transmitted to the site of action through plant absorption to kill fungal cells.
  Mel Wardle, product manager of ADAMA UK fungicides, explained that spring is coming, and their global R&D and product registration teams have been working day and night, striving to provide Soratel to the UK plantation in time before the new spraying season arrives. By. Their goal is not to just launch another general-purpose prothioconazole product to the market, but to develop a brand-new formulation based on this tested and verified active ingredient, which can bring real, obvious, and excellent effects. Other prothioconazole fungicides on the market.
  Ms. Wardle pointed out that Soratel can be used alone or mixed with other fungicides to expand the control spectrum and improve the reliability of disease control. The product can be widely used in a series of grains and rape crops, and the treatment time can be flexibly selected to enhance the prevention and control of various key diseases.
  Wardle added that EU trials have shown that compared with the current best-selling prothioconazole products on the market, the same dosage of Soratel per unit area has significantly improved disease control effects under various conditions. Specifically, the test in the United Kingdom showed that Soratel’s control effect on Fusarium is 13%higher than the current best-selling products on the market; when used for the prevention and control of rape sclerotium grown under marine climatic conditions, it has also been obtained. Similar results.