“A method for the utilization of lychee nuclear resources” by the Nanhai Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences was authorized by the national invention patent
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   A few days ago,”A method for the application of litchi nuclear resources” invented by Li Hua of the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and others have obtained the national invention patent authorization, and the patent number is ZL201610789687.0. The invented method for resource utilization of litchi kernels is applied to starch that accounts for more than 50%of the dry weight of litchi kernels, which is an effective way for comprehensive utilization of litchi resources.
   In this invention, lychee core powder and calcium carbonate are added to a solution of polyvinyl alcohol and sodium alginate, and mixed uniformly to obtain a composite sol; then the composite sol is added dropwise to a saturated boric acid solution of calcium chloride, and it is left standing at low temperature. Get active biological filler. For the aquaculture wastewater with a nitrate nitrogen concentration of 60-70 mg/L, the active biological filler has a nitrate nitrogen removal rate of 100%after 6 hours, and no nitrite accumulation. Litchi nucleus is cheap, convenient in source, and has no toxic side effects to aquaculture organisms. It is an economical and practical active biological filler for the treatment of aquaculture tail water.