A letter from the Tea Industry Exchange Association on both sides of the Taiwan Strait on soliciting opinions on the group standard of”Laobai Tea”
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All relevant units and experts:
   The group standard of”Laobaicha” and the corresponding preparation instructions have been completed for soliciting comments (see attachment). According to the requirements of the”Regulations on the Management of Group Standards”, the”National Group Standards Information Platform” is now open to solicit opinions from all walks of life. Please fill in your comments in the”Comment Solicitation Feedback Form” and send your written comments to E- before May 2, 2021. Feedback to the contact unit in the form of mail. If there is no comment, please reply to the explanation. Failure to reply within the time limit will be handled as no objection.
   Thank you for your support to our work!
  Contact unit:Cross-Strait Tea Industry Exchange Association
  Address:32nd Floor, International Trade Plaza, Wusi Road, Fuzhou City (F)
  Postal code:350001
  Contact:He Xiaoli
   Email:[email protected]
   Cross-Strait Tea Industry Exchange Association
   April 2, 2021