A large number of spoiled stuffed eggs seized in a province in Vietnam
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Food Partner Network News According to the official information of the General Administration of Market Supervision of Vietnam:On March 15, 2021, the inspection team of the department seized and destroyed 360 kilograms of spoiled stuffed eggs in the process of implementing joint law enforcement with the traffic police. product.

It is reported that the law enforcement officers of Lang Son Province found that certain suspects were carrying 6 large black woven bags when inspecting a football field in Loc Binh County. Further inspections revealed that the woven bags contained 360 kilograms of frozen stuffed eggs of unknown origin. Products, and the owner of the goods cannot provide the law enforcement personnel with invoices and other related vouchers during the inspection process.

The law enforcement officers made a decision to destroy the illegal goods immediately and imposed financial penalties on the relevant offenders.

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