A batch of”Niulanshan” fake wine was seized by the Xujialou Market Supervision Office of Tai’an City
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   Recently, law enforcement officers of the Xujialou Market Supervision Office received a report that a business building along the street was suspected of selling counterfeit liquor. The law enforcement officers immediately went to check and seized 314 bottles of 2 varieties of liquor marked with the well-known brand”Niulanshan” on the spot. The on-site appraisal by the anti-counterfeiting personnel of relevant enterprises showed that the above-mentioned 314 bottles of liquor were all counterfeit commodities. Law enforcement officers have been detained in accordance with legal procedures, and related cases are under further investigation and processing.

   The outer packaging and bottle label of this batch of liquor are very similar to the genuine product. According to the anti-counterfeiting personnel of the relevant company, the above-mentioned liquor is rough in details, the box and trademark fonts are not clearly printed, and the raised positioning of the bottle cap is irregular. The cap has no anti-counterfeiting lines. Genuine product packaging boxes and trademark fonts are printed clearly, printed fonts have no burrs, no color difference, bottle cap protrusions are aligned with the corresponding printed images; authentic products use fluorescent materials to spray the bottle caps based on coin anti-counterfeiting, and there will be fluorescence when viewed from the side line.
  The market supervision department reminds consumers that when buying alcohol, one is to choose formal channels to reduce the risk of buying fake alcohol; the other is to try to let merchants include the purchased alcohol on the shopping receipt or payment receipt. The batch number and other information to facilitate their own rights protection.