8 batches of substandard food! Shaanxi new phase food sampling results released
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  Food Partner Network News On April 9, the results of the new phase of food inspections in Shaanxi were released. The catering food, edible agricultural products, potatoes and puffed foods, and beverages inspected by the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration Egg products, soy products, convenience foods, cakes, wines, aquatic products, edible oils, fats and their products, among 410 batches of 11 food categories, 8 batches of samples were found to be unqualified.
  3 batches of edible agricultural products are unqualified
   Among the unqualified samples, 3 batches of edible agricultural products were unqualified. Among them, a batch of leeks sold by Xi’an Duomei Fresh Life Supermarket Co., Ltd., and a batch of leeks sold by Baishun Xinwangzhongsheng Fresh Food Convenience Store in Weicheng District, Xianyang City, found that Procymidone did not meet the national food safety standards.
  Procymidone is a low-toxic systemic fungicide with dual functions of protection and treatment. It is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of gray mold in vegetables and fruit trees. The”National Food Safety Standard Maximum Residue Limit of Pesticides in Food” (GB2763-2019) stipulates that the maximum residue limit of procymidone in chives is 0.2mg/kg. Procymidone is irritating to eyes and skin, and has low oral toxicity. A small amount of pesticide residues will not cause acute human poisoning, but long-term consumption of foods with excessive pesticide residues will have a certain impact on human health.
   Also, a batch of fresh chicken sold by Changyu Aquatic Products Wholesale and Retail Department, Fengxi New Town, Xixian New District, found that amantadine did not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture Announcement No. 560.
  Amantadine is a class of antiviral drugs, which has a good therapeutic effect on influenza viruses, and has been widely used in the prevention and control of human influenza diseases and livestock and poultry diseases. However, drug residues accumulated in animal-derived foods will enter the human body through the food chain, and long-term accumulation may cause neurological diseases, and may also cause the emergence of drug-resistant strains of viruses, posing potential threats to human health. The Ministry of Agriculture Announcement No. 560 listed amantadine in the first batch of”Catalogue for Repeal of Local Standards for Veterinary Drugs.”
  Pseudomonas aeruginosa detected in drinking water, and the conductivity is unqualified
   Among the unqualified samples, 3 batches of drinking water were found to be unqualified. Among them, one batch of Pseudomonas aeruginosa detected that did not meet the requirements of the national food safety standards was:nominally one batch of packaged drinking water produced by Xi’an Xueyuan Food Co., Ltd.
   Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a conditional pathogen, widely distributed in water, air, normal human skin, respiratory tract and intestines, etc. It is easy to survive in humid environments, and has strong resistance to disinfectants, ultraviolet rays, etc. The resistance is a health risk for people with weaker resistance.”National Food Safety Standard Packaged Drinking Water” (GB 19298-2014) stipulates that the standard value of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is n=5, c=0, m=0, and the unit is CFU/250mL. The cause of excessive Pseudomonas aeruginosa in barreled drinking water may be improper protection of the source water and pollution of the water body; some enterprises have inadequate environmental sanitation supervision, insufficient operation, and cross-contamination in the production process; long storage time in the circulation link. The repeated use of buckets increases the risk of secondary pollution.
   There are also two batches of samples found that the conductivity [(25±1)℃] does not meet the product standard requirements. They are:Nominal Xi’an Rose Garden Drinking Water Co., Ltd. sold by Xinyuan Water Industry in Huazhou District, Weinan City 1 batch of Roseyuan brand purified drinking water produced; nominally 1 batch of purified drinking water produced by Shaanxi Henghua Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.
  The degree of water conductivity is called conductivity. It reflects the amount of salt in the water and the degree of electrolytes in the water, which is a very important indicator of water quality.”Bottled Pure Drinking Water” (GB 17323-1998) stipulates that the electrolyte of pure drinking water is ≤10μS/cm. The high conductivity may be caused by the aging of the reverse osmosis membrane module in production, which leads to a decrease in the desalination rate; or the raw water pretreatment does not meet the standard, resulting in poor water quality in the reverse osmosis equipment; or the RO membrane in the reverse osmosis equipment Damage caused by salt leakage.
   In addition, 1 batch of catering food and 1 batch of puffed food were also found to be unqualified. They are:1 batch of oil cakes (homemade food) sold at Tianzao Snack Shop, Yintai Street, Yintai District, Tongchuan City, detected aluminum The residual amount (dry sample, calculated as Al) does not meet the national food safety standards; Xi’an Aijia Supermarket Co., Ltd. is sold at Aijia Shopping Plaza’s high-tech store and is produced by Xi’an Langqun Trading Co., Ltd. commissioned by Yuncheng Haiyuan Food Co., Ltd. 1 The total number of colonies detected in a batch of (Qinling+Pinyin) brand hanging stove crispy crispy flavor (fried puffed food) did not meet the requirements of national food safety standards.
   For the unqualified products found in the random inspection, the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration has instructed the market supervision and management department in the place of the producer to immediately organize the disposal work, check the product flow, and take measures such as removing the unqualified products from the shelves and recalling the unqualified products. Risks; violations of laws and regulations shall be dealt with in accordance with the law.
Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration Announcement on the Unqualified Situation of 8 Batches of Food (No. 14 of 2021) Unqualified Sample Information
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(Source:Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration)

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