“2021 National Rice Wine Evaluation Committee Annual Meeting of China Wine Industry Association” was successfully held in Luzhou
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   2021 National Rice Wine Evaluation Committee Annual Meeting of China Wine Industry Association was held in Luzhou from April 9th ​​to 11th. Song Shuyu, Chairman of the China Liquor Industry Association, Zhao Ting, Chairman of the Labor Union, Mao Jian, Vice Chairman of the Rice Wine Branch, Liu Haibo, Secretary-General of the Famous Wine Collection Committee, and 97 national-level rice wine appraisers and senior committee members from the domestic rice wine industry attended the meeting. Meetings. The opening ceremony of the meeting was presided over by Mao Yong, secretary general of the Yellow Wine Branch. At the opening ceremony, Chairman Song Shuyu and Chairman Zhao Ting respectively issued letters of appointment to senior national review representatives and national review representatives.
   Song Shuyu, Chairman of the Board of Directors pointed out at the opening ceremony that the national-level wine judges of rice wine are shouldering the mission of revitalizing the industry, as well as the mission of the future development of the industry. While enjoying industry honors, every national wine appraisal committee also shoulders the important responsibility of leading product quality upgrades and guiding new types of consumption. First of all, the category and quality level of rice wine need to have strict specifications and standards, and the national appraisal team of rice wine should play an active and important role in this aspect; secondly, as a national appraisal, you need to continuously improve professional skills, not only A judgment of wine must also guide the winemaking process to improve its quality. The National Appraisal is not only a national judge, but also a qualified wine designer. Through the improvement of our technology, the improvement of craftsmanship, and the progress of scientific research, we will continue to improve our brewing, and our types will continue to be enriched. Through the design of the wine body, consumers will like it better and improve it better. Our quality expression is a more important mission of the National Review of China. Furthermore, as a national review, it is necessary to turn the culture of rice wine and the taste of rice wine into a popular language, spread it to consumers, and strive to do a good job in consumer education of rice wine science and rice wine tasting. Through the sensory expression of rice wine in a language that consumers understand, consumers can better understand the brewing history, culture, tasting, and even consumption scenes of rice wine in a better and more popular way. Fourth, it is hoped that the National Review of the State Council will continue to conduct in-depth research, continuous summary and improvement, so that the sensory expression of rice wine will be more scientific, and the sensory expression system of rice wine will be more complete, expressed from both professional and consumer education. At the same time, Chairman Song also hopes that the judges will have a sense of mission, be responsible, and continue to learn and research to help the revitalization of traditional rice wine.
  Rice Wine Branch Vice Chairman Mao Jian, Deputy Director of the National Rice Wine Engineering Technology Research Center, and Professor Zhou Zhilei of Jiangnan University shared the”Research Progress on the Flavor and Function of Chinese Liquor and Its Enlightenment to the Development of the Rice Wine Industry” at the meeting.”The Construction of Sensory Evaluation Technology and Evaluation System of Rice Wine”.
   This year’s annual meeting will set up 13 rounds of appraisal exercises, including basic flavor substance exercises and knowledge, and appraisal of typical rice wine samples from major domestic production areas in the consumer market. Among them, seven rounds of evaluation of reference materials, six rounds of evaluation of typical rice wine products from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places. Through learning, it will not only further improve the appraisal skills of the National Appraisers, but also enable them to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the typical taste and flavor of rice wine from different origins in China, and guide the trainees to focus on the analysis of differences in domestic rice wine products. , To explore the inevitable connection between market demand and product style characteristics.
   The establishment and growth of the national rice wine appraisal committee team reflects the association’s emphasis on industrial development and talent training, and also deeply reflects the high recognition of the industry’s sensory appraisal training work by various rice wine enterprises. With the successful holding of this annual meeting, the association hopes to select and train more high-quality appraisal talents for the industry, and make more contributions to the improvement of the industry’s product quality and diversified development.