2021 National Dairy Technology Innovation Alliance Conference and China Feihe High-quality Milk Industry Chain Fresh Achievement Conference Held in Beijing
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  In order to enhance the core competitiveness of the national dairy industry, the National Dairy Technology Innovation Alliance has been quietly working for 6 years and has formulated 26 standards for the entire industry chain. The high-quality dairy engineering demonstration enterprises have also increased from the initial 3 to 25 There are 60 dairy products companies in the province, and the categories of high-quality dairy products have also expanded from liquid milk to the field of milk powder. The scientific concept of”high-quality milk produced from local milk” has become a ballast stone for the development of national enterprises.
   On April 18th, the”2021 National Dairy Technology Innovation Alliance Conference and China Feihe Premium Milk Industry Chain Fresh Achievements Released by the National Dairy Science and Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the”Alliance”) and China Feihe Meeting” was held in Beijing, and the National Dairy Science and Technology Innovation Alliance released the “2020 Feihe Infant Formula Milk Powder Quality Evaluation Report”. Since then, the quality of domestic and foreign infant formula milk powder has been scientifically and objectively evaluated.
   Pioneering and innovative

  Continuously improve the competitiveness of the national dairy industry
   At the meeting, Liu Yaqing, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Dairy Association, praised the achievements of the high-quality milk project and the rapid development of Feihe Dairy in recent years, and praised the high-quality development of China’s dairy industry during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. Put forward suggestions and hopes.
  First, stick to the original aspiration, pioneer and innovate, and strive to enhance the competitiveness of national brands, the alliance will practice high-quality milk engineering, and build a quality management system for the entire industrial chain of high-quality milk. Over the past five years, the alliance has persisted in implementing the high-quality milk project. It has made consumers understand, confident, and scientific consumption by promoting technological innovation in dairy companies, regulating the technical standards of high-quality dairy products, rich nutrition, active health, and low-carbon environmental protection. The core quality and market competitiveness of national brands, and high-quality development have become the consensus of the dairy industry.
  Second, with no distractions, shining brilliance, and practicing high-quality milk engineering, Feihe Dairy’s Chinese milk powder brand is even more legendary and brilliant. In 59 years, Feihe Dairy has focused on researching baby physique and breast milk nutrition, innovating and developing China’s breast milk gold standard, integrating global R&D resources, creating an international R&D platform, carefully laying out exclusive industrial clusters, and devoting itself to creating”fresher and more suitable” high-quality products. milk powder. Today, Feihe solemnly released the report”Fresh Standard Upgrade, Double Chain Integration, Quality Evaluation of Infant Formula Milk Powder”, showing the achievements of the entire industry chain of Feihe Dairy’s high-quality milk engineering. It is a tribute to high-quality milk engineering and a manifestation of adherence to technological innovation. It is not only a new starting point, a new journey, but also a new breakthrough and a new leap.
   Third, build a new development pattern and promote the high-quality development of the dairy industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan.
   One is to persist in innovation-driven and create new advantages for development. Intensify innovation, promote scientific and technological progress, upgrade facilities and equipment and informatization, and break through resource and environmental constraints. Deep integration of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, as well as biological, cold sterilization, new detection and other technologies, reduce costs, improve efficiency, inject strong impetus for the increase in the number, quality, and efficiency of the dairy industry, and promote the dairy industry to grow Higher-level and broader-dimensional reform and development.
   The second is to optimize the industrial structure and explore new momentum for development. Taking environmental friendliness and full utilization of resources as the criteria, scientifically adjust the layout of breeding and processing, consolidate and develop the main northern production areas, create my country’s golden milk source belt, open up and develop southern production areas, and promote the rational distribution of milk sources and processing. Optimize the product structure of dairy products, coordinate the development of local superior products such as sterilized milk, pasteurized milk, and fermented milk, develop high-value-added products such as cheese and whey powder, and fully tap the functional components of milk that contribute to human health. Realize the refinement and maximum utilization of milk ingredients, and open up new momentum for the development of the dairy industry.
   The third is to increase opening to the outside world and create a new situation for development. Comprehensively improve the level of openness, make full use of the domestic and international markets and two resources, unblock the domestic cycle, promote the domestic and international double cycle, continue to expand the dairy industry, adhere to domestic supply as the mainstay, supplemented by imported adjustments, and meet the diversified consumption of dairy products demand. While dairy companies are actively developing in the country, they must also seek development opportunities abroad. Combine internal and external forces to form a joint force to achieve win-win cooperation and allow the industry to develop momentum and vitality.
  Fourth is to accelerate modernization and build a new pattern of development. Centering on the development of the modern dairy industry, accelerate the construction of a modern dairy production system, management system, supply chain system, quality supervision system, and support and protection system. Further promote the improvement of dairy animals, high-quality forage, breeding facilities, and standardization of production; adhere to source management and process control for quality and safety; improve support policies for the dairy industry, and increase financial, financial and insurance support. Carry out the construction of a modern dairy industry evaluation system, promote the coordinated development of all links in the industrial chain, and promote the modernization of the dairy industry.
  The fifth is to implement the new development concept and promote high-quality development. Unswervingly implement the new development concept of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing, and build a green dairy industry, an ecological dairy industry, a harmonious dairy industry, and a shared dairy industry. Combining planting and breeding, supporting grass and livestock, promoting the utilization of breeding waste resources, effectively developing and utilizing local forage and feed resources, building a combination of intensive, standardized, organized, and socialized planting and breeding plus a coordinated development model to promote the development of the dairy industry Continue to move towards higher quality, more efficiency, fairer and more sustainable direction.
  Stick to the original heart

  Building a dairy industry that faces people’s lives and health
   Into the dairy product quality and risk assessment innovation team of the Institute of Animal Husbandry Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,”Put what you have learned, contribute to the dairy industry, healthy China” 12 characters, always remind all team members, scientific research results must be able to do Used by the industry to produce high-quality dairy products to serve the improvement of people’s health.
The    Alliance was established in 2016. The main task is to implement high-quality milk engineering. Through science and technology, realizing the localization of fresh raw milk in milk sources; realizing low-carbon processing in technology; realizing high-quality milk products in terms of products; realizing rationalization of national consumption in terms of consumption, and achieving standard leadership— Leading by quality-the exemplary role of brand leading, significantly improving the technological competitiveness of the national dairy industry, and providing consumers with truly healthy, safe, low-carbon, green, and nutritious dairy products.
   In the past 6 years, the number of companies implementing high-quality milk projects has increased from 3 in 2016 to 60 dairy companies in 25 provinces. The lactoferrin content in domestically produced high-quality pasteurized milk products is 8%of that of imported milk. The output accounts for more than 90%of the total domestic market. The high-quality dairy engineering demonstration enterprise has made tangible contributions to the life and health of the people.
   At the Alliance Working Conference, 31 companies including Bright Dairy and Cai Yongkang and other 12 advanced individuals were commended for the”People’s Life and Health” and have made outstanding contributions to innovation, and awarded the”Quality Dairy Project for Healthy China””Advanced Enterprise” medal and”Personal Outstanding Contribution to the Quality Development of Dairy Industry” medal
  ”The high-quality milk project is not a project or a sport, but a long-term commitment.” Wang Jiaqi, chairman of the alliance, pointed out that the implementation of the high-quality milk project is a strategic way to develop a high-quality green dairy industry. Only by turning local milk into high-quality milk can consumer confidence be gradually restored, and the national dairy industry can become an indispensable industry for a healthy China and a strong nation, and can help the next generation grow up healthily and provide strong support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!
  Technology innovation

   leads the high-quality development of the dairy industry
   On the basis of decades of scientific research, researcher Wang Jiaqi led the alliance to innovate the grading technology of raw milk, green and low carbon in response to major industrial problems such as the unsound benefit linkage mechanism of the dairy industry and the low core competitiveness of dairy products. Processing technology, milk quality evaluation technology and high-quality milk identification technology are four core technologies, 26 standards for the entire industry chain have been formulated, and the scientific concept and technical system of high-quality milk engineering have been initially constructed, which firmly connects breeding and processing enterprises. Always lead the direction of industry development.
   In 2021, 60 companies in 25 provinces have voluntarily implemented the high-quality milk project, which has achieved remarkable results. After the application of grading technology for raw milk in Guangming Dairy, processing companies actively search for high-quality milk sources. Under the condition that the national milk price is generally low, the purchase price of high-quality raw milk increased by 0.15 yuan per kilogram, and the income of each adult cow will increase every year. 686 yuan, which positively guides the distribution of interests in the dairy industry, has solved the long-standing problem of unbalanced distribution of interests between dairy farmers and dairy companies, and effectively protected the interests of dairy farmers.
  The green and low-carbon processing technology leads the processing companies to eliminate the pre-pasteurization and flashing processes in the traditional processing technology. The processing temperature is reduced from the original 105°C to 75°C. The demonstration enterprise saves 48.55 yuan per ton of pasteurized milk processed. , The processing cost is reduced by more than 15%.
  Milk quality evaluation technology guides the demonstration enterprise to fully tap the fresh advantages of local milk sources. The lactoferrin and β-lactoglobulin content in the produced high-quality pasteurized milk are 8 times and the imported pasteurized milk. 10 times. Demonstration companies have developed safe, healthy, green, low-carbon, and nutritious high-quality dairy products, and their core competitiveness has been significantly improved. They are confident and calmly deal with the impact of imports.
   In 2020, 30 companies have passed the acceptance of high-quality milk engineering, and the production of high-quality pasteurized milk has accounted for more than 90%of the total market size and is deeply loved by consumers. The high-quality milk technology has helped companies to significantly enhance their core competitiveness and form Has a greater market influence.
  Propose ideas

  High-quality milk can only be produced from local milk
   In 2007, my country imported only 5 thousand tons of liquid milk, and in 2016 it soared to 655,000 tons. The average annual import growth rate in the past 10 years was as high as 72.0%, which caused domestic fresh milk purchases to suppress prices, limit revenue, and even reverse milk. One of the important reasons for this phenomenon is that the dairy farming industry has suffered a huge impact.
  Imported liquid milk directly seizes the domestic consumer market. There are many brands (Figure 1), which has a great impact on consumers. Domestic dairy companies are passively beaten in the face of import shocks and lack core competitiveness, making it difficult to reverse the situation.
  The question consumers are most concerned about is:domestic milk or imported milk, which kind of milk is better?
2021 National Dairy Technology Innovation Alliance Conference and China Feihe High-quality Milk Industry Chain Fresh Achievement Conference Held in Beijingimage
  Figure 1 Number of domestic milk brands and imported milk brands in 26 cities across the country
  Data source:Dairy Product Quality and Safety Risk Assessment Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Beijing)
  The alliance conducted a systematic evaluation of imported and domestic liquid milk. The results showed that the safety indicators of domestic milk and imported milk meet the national standards, but the important active nutritional factors such as lactoferrin, α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, etc. On the one hand, the quality of domestic high-quality liquid milk is better than imported liquid milk. Further analysis found that imported milk generally has problems such as long transportation distance, long shelf life or overheating, which leads to a significant drop in quality. Therefore, for the first time, the alliance clearly put forward the scientific concept of”high-quality milk produced from local milk”, which not only scientifically answered consumer concerns, but also became the foundation for domestic milk to respond to the impact of imports and remain invincible.