2021 China White Tea Production and Marketing Situation Investigation Report
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  White tea is one of the six major teas in my country. The main production process is withering and drying. It is a micro-fermented tea with distinctive quality characteristics. From the last century to the beginning of this century, white tea was mainly exported, and it was an important part of my country’s tea exports. Since then, the domestic tea consumer market has improved the awareness of the health value of white tea, and some white tea products have turned into a compact form that is easy to store, and white tea has entered a period of rapid development. The vigorous development of the market has attracted the attention of some non-traditional producing areas. At present, the production of white tea involves 14 tea-producing provinces in my country. In order to fully grasp the production and marketing situation of white tea in China, study and judge the development trend of white tea and the development prospects of the industry, the China Tea Circulation Association, on the basis of long-term continuous research, combined with industry big data, and discussed with relevant units, formed the”2021 China White Tea Production and Marketing Situation Research Report” . The details are as follows:

  Production status

  1. Output value
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  According to the latest data from the China Tea Circulation Association:From 2017 to 2020, the ratio of white tea to the total national tea output increased from 0.4%to 2.47%. Among them, Fujian white tea production accounted for the same year’s white tea production, which dropped from 86.9%in 2017 to 75.7%in 2020.

  In 2020, the national agricultural output value of white tea will be about 7.52 billion yuan, an increase of 2.01 billion yuan from 2019, an increase of 36.41%, accounting for 2.87%of the national total agricultural value of tea. Among them, Fujian white tea will achieve an agricultural output value of 4.82 billion yuan in 2020. Based on this estimate, the average production price of white tea in my country in 2020 is 102.4 yuan/kg.
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  2. Production and processing

   In recent years, Fujian Province has promoted the development of the white tea industry through innovative technology, improved mechanization and standardization. The large-scale application of assembly line equipment has promoted the continuous improvement of processing technology. The result technology is widely used, and the processing of white tea tends to be intelligent, clean and standardized. The improvement of the processing mechanization level has effectively controlled the production cost while ensuring the stability of the tea quality. According to data from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Fujian Province, the processing cost of white tea in 2020 is 16 yuan/kg, an increase of 2 yuan/kg from 2019.

  3. Quality and safety

  Food safety is the bottom line of the development of the tea industry, and it is also an important building block that all white tea producing areas focus on. Most of the white tea producing areas have a good ecological environment. The green development concept is implemented through the establishment of strengthening the management of tea gardens, standardizing the use of agricultural inputs, and strengthening the construction of bases. Fuding City, while strengthening green prevention and control, is advancing the construction of traceability in an orderly manner. With the help of big data platform construction, the trial of green tea voucher transactions and product code sales are aimed at supervising the production and circulation of white tea originating in Fuding and the origin of products. protection. Zhenghe County vigorously promotes the replacement of organic fertilizers and the green prevention and control of diseases, pests and weeds, and encourages enterprises to centrally manage loose tea gardens in the form of companies + farmers; at the same time, promote the use of green energy. Hunan Sangzhi tea gardens are relatively scattered, speeding up organic construction and moderately large-scale production.

  Sales situation

   (1) Domestic sales

  1. Market size

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  According to the statistics of China Tea Circulation Association:In 2020, the domestic sales of white tea will be approximately 62,500 tons, an annual increase of 22,200 tons, an increase of 48.1%; accounting for domestic tea 2.84%of sales. The domestic sales amount was approximately 8.95 billion yuan, an annual increase of 2.66 billion yuan, an increase of 42.3%; accounting for 3.10%of the domestic tea domestic sales. In the domestic market, the average domestic sales price of white tea products was 143.35 yuan/kg, which was 12.14 yuan/kg higher than the overall domestic average price of tea.
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  2. Channel construction

   According to the China Tea Association’s survey of white tea production and marketing companies, chain stores are the most important sales channel for white tea, accounting for more than 60%of channel sales. Data show that from 2017 to 2020, the proportion of white tea sales channels in the wholesale market has slightly decreased, the proportion of chain stores has basically stabilized, and e-commerce has increased.
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  3. Sales area

   The survey results show that white tea is consumed relatively evenly across the country. East China is the main sales area for white tea, but the sales volume only accounts for 1/4 of the sample’s total sales. ; Followed by Northeast, North China, Central China and South China. After years of continuous promotion, the trend of white tea products expanding to the national market is obvious.

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  According to the Liaoning Tea Industry Association, the market for white tea in Liaoning has been trending well in recent years, with a small increase in sales, and the proportion of each tea category has continued to rise5%-10%. The sales of white tea in different local production areas are different. The sales of white tea in Fujian production area accounted for 70%; the sales ratio of white tea in Yunnan production area accounted for 25%; the sales ratio of white tea in Hunan production area accounted for 4%; the sales ratio of white tea in other production areas accounted for 1%.

  According to the Shanxi Tea Association, the white tea market in Shanxi Province is expanding rapidly. With the provincial capital city Taiyuan as the center, it radiates to the land of Sanjin and white tea distributors in various cities. , Culture lovers continue to emerge. Fujian white tea has gradually become one of the most influential tea products in Shanxi’s tea market, mainly due to consumers’ increasing awareness of the healthy ingredients of white tea. In the Shanxi market, the price of white tea products is between 500 yuan and 1,000 yuan, and the price of high-end products is between 1,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan.

  According to the Jinan Tea Group, white tea has gradually been recognized in the Jinan market in recent years, with both volume and price rising. In 2020, it will account for 9.4%of the total market. The year was basically the same, with an increase of 1.4%compared to 2018, there is still a lot of room for growth. In terms of the variety structure of the market, the proportion of low-end bulk cargoes such as Gongmei and Shoumei is decreasing, and sales of high-quality peonies and silver needles have increased. In particular, branded products have been recognized by the market. Regionally, Fuding white tea is still the mainstream product. Yunnan white tea, with its unique large-leaf taste characteristics, has also been favored by some consumers, and sales have increased slightly. In addition, Hunan Sangzhi’s white tea has also entered the northern market and has become another variety of white tea in the market.

  4. Brand building

  The introduction from each sales area shows that branding is an important direction for the development of the white tea market. The vigorous development of the white tea consumer market benefited from the rich marketing activities of regional brands and corporate brands, which led to the formation of the consumer market to look at brands, creating a good atmosphere for the development of brand companies. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the white tea brand will focus on expanding online promotion, forming a good situation of simultaneous online and offline efforts.

  Take Fuding, the main producing area, as an example, and use regional public brands to drive corporate brands to jointly participate in the exhibition and promote Fuding’s white tea culture. Market promotion and promotion; a number of cross-industry activities were held around different themes such as poverty alleviation, tea exchanges, and sports; at the same time, online tea events were empowered with the help of the Internet, and the traditional tea festival was turned into an online and offline integration. During the Tea Festival, vigorously expand new online marketing channels for white tea.

  Development suggestions

   For the white tea industry, the development trend and construction focus of each production area are quite different, but the basic directions of improving quality and efficiency, high-quality supply, and strengthening marketing are the same of.

  1. Adhere to green development

   is guided by eco-friendliness and green development, focusing on organic tea bases, insisting on the construction of high-standard tea gardens, and strengthening infrastructure and supporting equipment. Give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises and strictly control the use of agricultural inputs. The new production area recommends that while promoting the construction of organic tea gardens, speed up the formulation of tea garden management and other standards, and establish standardized and standardized tea planting bases.

  2. Expanding the consumer market

   The outbreak of the 2020 epidemic in the society has contributed to the rise of the concept of big health and the improvement of residents’ health awareness. Tea is not a functional food, but it has great development potential in the health drink market. As the whole society attaches importance to health concepts, white tea will usher in a broader market space. Research on the market in the sales area shows that drinking white tea helps popularize the concept of health, which is an important force in promoting white tea consumption and is also the focus of follow-up white tea publicity.

  3. Innovative consumer services

  With the rise of the consumption of aged white tea, white tea manufacturers have successively strengthened the construction of their own storage services, formed supporting services, and thus cultivated a part of the collection-type consumer group. According to the feedback from the market in the sales area, the current demand for this aspect of the market is mainly concentrated in two aspects. One is to establish a corresponding storage service place in the sales area, and the other is to scientifically guide consumers to store white tea in a reasonable manner. It is recommended that white tea-related scientific research institutions appropriately strengthen the research on white tea ageing based on the climatic environment of the sales area, expand services for consumers”after purchase”, and optimize the comprehensive experience of the consumption process.

  4. Strengthen brand leadership

   In 2007, 2008, and 2013, Fuding, Zhenghe, and Jianyang, the main producing areas of Fujian white tea, successfully registered geographical indication certification marks successively, and a number of them were cultivated one after another. A well-known national enterprise brand of white tea with strong influence and competitiveness. With the development of the industry, the proportion of white tea produced in various provinces has increased, and traditional production areas have successively increased the management and protection of certification trademarks while promoting branding. It is recommended that each production area pay attention to coordinated development, give play to the supporting role of high-quality regional brands and the leading role of superior brand enterprises, pay attention to the protection of intangible assets such as brands, strengthen supervision and create a level playing field.

  5. Open up the international market

   Although the number of exports is limited, the recognition and recognition of white tea in the international market is not low. Key markets such as Europe and the United States have a deeper understanding of the health benefits of white tea. In the field of deep processing and other fields, health care and daily chemical products refined around the health elements of white tea are emerging in the international market, and there are many well-known brand products, which lay a good foundation for the expansion of the international market of white tea. It is suggested that while expanding the domestic market, the white tea industry actively embraces the new”double cycle” pattern, strives for white tea to be included in the export tariff number, actively participates in the ISO white tea standard work, and expands the international voice of the white tea industry.

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   Fujian Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Lincang City Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Fuding City People’s Government, Zhenghe County People’s Government, Hunan Province Tea Association, Hubei Province Tea Association, Shanxi Tea Association, Yunnan Tea Circulation Association, Liaoning Tea Industry Association, Fuding Tea Industry Association, Jinan Tea Industry Association

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The full text of the    report was published in March”The World of Tea” with slight cuts.