15 non-major crop varieties passed the certification
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   Recently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province issued the Announcement No. 10 of 2021, 15 non-major crop varieties including non-heading cabbage”Xia Zun” have passed the certification, including 8 vegetable varieties, 2 dry grain varieties, and medicines. There are 1 species of fungi and 4 varieties of Chinese medicinal materials, involving non-heading Chinese cabbage, broccoli (broccoli), bitter gourd, wild waterweed, seed lotus, water chestnut, yam, Ganoderma lucidum, chrysanthemum, golden thread lotus and other crops.
   The 15 varieties approved this time are all new varieties independently bred in Zhejiang Province. These varieties have outstanding performance in terms of yield, quality, resistance, etc., which meet production needs and have good market application prospects. For example,”Jinkang No. 1″, selected by the Jinhua Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is the first certified Anoectochilus variety in our province. The content of active ingredients, flavonoids, polysaccharides and Anoectochilus glycosides is 20 higher than that of the main planted variety.%Above, the yield is 14.6%higher than that of the main varieties, moderately resistant to stem rot, and suitable for planting under-forest crops in the mountainous areas of Zhejiang. The “Zishanyao No. 9” selected by Taizhou Vocational College of Science and Technology is rich in anthocyanins. The three-year average yield per mu is more than 30%higher than that of the control. The commercial and edible quality are also better, and the planting efficiency is good; the condition of anthracnose is good. The index is 48.2, which solves the problems of serious anthracnose disease and continuous cropping obstacles. The non-heading cabbage varieties”Xia Zun” and”Wang Chun Ting 80″ bred by Ningbo Weimeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd. have good quality and good commercial properties. During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period,”Xia Zun” has been promoted across the country 3 10,000 mu, an increase of 250 yuan per mu, and an increase of 7.5 million yuan in economic benefits; the cumulative promotion of 57,000 mu of”Wangchun Pavilion”, an increase of 200 yuan per mu, and an increase of 11.4 million yuan in economic benefits.
   In recent years, Zhejiang Province has been accelerating the promotion and application of characteristic and high-quality varieties based on current production practices and market needs. The first is to adhere to the high-quality development of agriculture and strengthen supervision. In March this year, our province newly revised the”Zhejiang Province Non-Major Crops Recognition Measures” to further standardize the management of non-major crop varieties and give full play to the basic and guiding role of excellent varieties. Improve the scientificity and standardization of variety identification. The second is to promote structural reforms on the agricultural supply side, encourage and support the identification of local characteristic varieties, select good varieties with good market prospects, great promotion potential, and local characteristics, and promote the creation of Zhejiang characteristic agricultural products. The third is to strengthen the promotion and application of new varieties, implement the construction of a seed industry innovation platform, and carry out in-depth demonstration and promotion of 1+10+N varieties to enhance the level of industrialization of breeding innovation.
  Next, Zhejiang Province will continue to focus on key content such as seed supply safety, breeding innovation, and enterprise cultivation, strengthen the selection and breeding of high-quality, high-yield, efficient and green crop varieties, and promote the comprehensive development of modern seed industry in our province.