Zoucheng City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspection of food safety during Lantern Festival
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  Food Partner Network News Before the Lantern Festival, in order to ensure that the masses have a happy and peaceful festival, starting from February 23, the Zoucheng City Market Supervision Bureau will launch the”Food Safety and Protection Festival”. Special inspection of food safety during the Lantern Festival.
  The law enforcement officers mainly conduct a comprehensive”physical examination” on the glutinous rice balls sold and produced in shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, food business stores, street vendors, and large rural markets throughout the city. Key inspections:Whether the storage temperature of the pre-packaged quick-frozen glutinous rice balls counter is regulated, whether the food labeling is regulated, the glutinous rice balls purchase inspection, the request for tickets, etc.; whether the labels of the bulk glutinous rice balls are standardized and complete, and whether the operators who make and sell glutinous rice balls on-site have obtained the””Food Business License”, whether employees hold health certificates to work, whether the source of food raw materials meets the requirements, whether there is any illegal use of food additives, urge them to establish a processing account to prevent”unsafe” dumplings from entering the market. In addition, law enforcement officers also supervised and inspected catering units in shopping malls, “net celebrity” stores, restaurants around scenic spots, etc., and urged operators to implement epidemic prevention and control responsibilities in accordance with requirements, control food raw materials, and conduct purchase inspections. Do a good job in disinfection and health management of employees, and implement the main responsibilities.
   So far, a total of 116 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect 60 glutinous rice dumpling food production and sales, business units, and catering units. Special inspections are underway to ensure the food safety of the masses during the Lantern Festival. At the same time, the Zoucheng City Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers:When buying glutinous rice balls and other foods, they must carefully check the food appearance, production date, shelf life, factory name and location and other related information, and do not buy sensory abnormal, expired and”three no” foods. And pay attention to keep the proof of purchase. Once you find that you have purchased food with quality problems, please call 12315 to complain and report in time to protect your legal rights. (Contributed by Zoucheng Market Supervision Bureau)