Zhuzhou Food Industry Association was established
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   On March 26, the Zhuzhou Food Industry Association was formally established. Yang Yingjie, Deputy Mayor of Zhuzhou Municipal People’s Government, attended the meeting and gave a speech. The relevant leaders of the Zhuzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau attended the meeting.
   The first association president, executive president, executive vice president, vice president, directors and other members were elected at the meeting. The establishment of the association marks the path of Zhuzhou’s food industry from”single combat” to”group development”. It plays an important role in the realization of information and resource sharing in Zhuzhou’s food industry, strengthening industry self-discipline, and improving the level of food safety assurance.
   At the meeting, Song Zhongxiang, Executive President of Tangrenshen Group Meat Division, was elected as the first president of the association and made a statement. He said that the association will strictly abide by national laws, regulations and policies, actively assist the government to promote industry self-discipline, actively build a safety line of defense against counterfeit and inferior food, regulate market production and operation behavior, ensure food quality, safeguard consumer interests, and play a good bridge bond. Together to promote the healthy and sound development of Zhuzhou’s food industry.
  Yang Yingjie puts forward four requirements to the Zhuzhou Food Industry Association:First, build a good bridge between the government and enterprises, be a good assistant to the government in planning and developing the food industry, and effectively help member companies solve the difficulties and problems encountered in their operations ; The second is to strengthen industry self-discipline and guide member companies to operate in good faith according to the law; the third is to promote the spirit of craftsmanship, innovation, and responsibility; the fourth is to serve the development of the industry, actively promote the exchange and cooperation of food production technology, introduce and promote advanced business models, and strive to build Zhuzhou special food business card to promote the development of Zhuzhou’s food industry. (Contribution:Zhuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau)