Zheng Guo plans to deploy the high-quality development of Xinjiang’s melon and fruit industry
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   On February 24, Zhengzhou Institute of Fruit Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences held the first Xinjiang Regional Work Conference. The meeting listened to reports on the progress of scientific research projects of the Xinjiang Experimental Station and the construction of various demonstration bases, and discussed the current problems and solutions.

The    meeting pointed out that Xinjiang is the focus of Zhengguo’s “14th Five-Year” regional technological innovation and achievement transformation, and it is the key to implementing science and technology to support rural revitalization. All departments, Each team must attach great importance to it, make persistent efforts, and continuously achieve new results. The meeting requirements:First, grasp the key points, overcome difficulties, and strive to solve the key technology of”stuck neck” in industrial development; second, summarize experience in time, form accumulation, and plan for long-term work; third, focus on innovation in scientific research systems and mechanisms to improve efficiency ; The fourth is to adhere to the goal orientation to achieve the integrated development of social benefits, economic benefits and ecological benefits.

  The meeting emphasized that each project implementation team must solidly advance various tasks and seek practical results; Xinjiang work must be included in the research layout of the institute to achieve a grid of chess across Xinjiang The national team’s role as a demonstration and leading role must be brought into play, and multi-level and multi-channel cooperation must be strengthened to support the high-quality development of Xinjiang’s melon and fruit industry with science and technology; to carry forward the spirit of”nail nails”, a team is a position, and personnel are selected for long-term stationing to create Kunyu , Yecheng and other representative regional highlights; strengthen publicity and guidance, hold on-site meetings, promote new scientific and technological achievements, and promote industrial development and upgrading.

   For a long time, Zhengguo Institute has used its own scientific and technological advantages to help the development of Xinjiang’s forest and fruit industry. Among them, the peach variety Zhongpantao No. 11 has been demonstrated and promoted in southern Xinjiang for more than 10,000 mu; Aksu and Hami demonstrated and promoted different types of pomegranate cultivation techniques, solved the problem of pomegranate overwintering, and promoted the development of soft-seed pomegranate over 10,000 mu in southern Xinjiang. At the same time, it took the lead in helping 4″three regions and three prefectures” deeply impoverished counties, supported the leap-forward development of the forest and fruit industry with science and technology, and contributed to the adjustment of agricultural structure and poverty alleviation in impoverished counties.