Zhangjiajie Food and Drug Inspection Institute won the first three items in the annual assessment of Hunan Food Safety Inspection Agency
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  Recently,Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced the 2020 comprehensive evaluation results of food safety inspection agencies in the province. Zhangjiajie Food and Drug Inspection is located in the province The proficiency verification assessment of the undertaking institution, the retention sample review inspection assessment, and the supervision and random inspection problem discovery rate all ranked first, marking that the institute has entered the province’s first camp in terms of inspection capabilities, daily management, and team quality improvement. .

   In recent years, with the strong support of the municipal party committee and municipal government and the provincial and municipal market supervision bureaus, the institute has attached great importance to the construction of hardware and software in the field of food safety inspection and testing. Introduce high-tech talents, strengthen the ability training of managers and technicians, pay attention to the discussion and study of laws, regulations, inspection standards, and market food safety risk research and judgment, and emphasize risk safety management; repeatedly review the inspection process and implement internal quality control and supervision mechanisms , The level of food inspection and testing capabilities has made great progress.

   In 2020, all cadres and employees of the institute will follow the unified command and dispatch of their superiors, while participating fully in the fight against the epidemic, while at the same time they come up with ideas for ensuring safety, resuming work, and helping development , Ideas, work hard on food safety supervision and sampling, and successively implement special food safety inspections such as”New Year Guard (2020)”,”Rice Bags and Vegetable Baskets During Anti-epidemic Period”, and”Hundred Days of Food Safety Remediation Action”. Through joint efforts, a total of 1,385 batches of food inspections were completed throughout the year, 421 batches of food inspections over the same period in 2019, a growth rate of 43.7%. Among them, 405 batches of provincial food sampling inspections (including 33 batches of provincial edible agricultural products) were completed, with a completion rate of 100%; 372 batches of municipal food sampling inspections were completed, with a completion rate of 100.3%; and 608 batches of municipal edible agricultural products were completed , The completion rate is 100%. The annual task was successfully completed 20 days ahead of the original plan.

   In the next step, the institute will continue to strengthen the quality management of the entire inspection process, pay attention to the discovery of problems, and make every effort to protect the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue.”