Yunnan Agricultural University’s”Breeding and Application of New Drought-resistant Wheat Varieties” passed the result evaluation
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   News on this site March 2, 2021, the Yunnan Enterprise Innovation Research Association presided over and organized experts to form an achievement evaluation committee, chaired by Professor Qin Peng, Yunnan Agriculture Evaluation of the scientific and technological achievements of the”Breeding and Application of New Drought-resistant Wheat Varieties” completed by universities and other institutions.

The    project uses Yunnan’s unique drought-resistant wheat germplasm resources to carry out germplasm innovation. Through hybridization, backcrossing and molecular marker-assisted selection,”Dianmai 4″ and”Dianmai 4″ Three new drought-resistant, cold-tolerant, and lodging-resistant varieties of”Mai 5″ and”Dianmai 6″ have been approved by the Yunnan Crop Variety Approval Committee; use high-throughput molecular markers for whole genome association analysis, transcriptome sequencing, and morphology Analysis of indicators and physiological and biochemical characteristics, systematic research on 335 wheat germplasm resources in Yunnan, selection of drought resistance genetic resources, discovery of a batch of drought resistance candidate genes, creation of new materials (new strains) suitable for drought resistance in Yunnan’s natural ecological environment, and improved The depth and breadth of research on drought-resistant wheat germplasm resources in Yunnan; from 2018 to 2019, 3 varieties were promoted and applied 924,600 mu, and the average yield per mu was 30-40 kilograms higher than that of the main local varieties, and an increase of 30,157,400 kilograms of wheat, an increase in output value 65.729 million yuan, with significant economic and social benefits; the project published 2 SCI-collected papers and 3 CSCD-collected papers, and the overall results reached the domestic advanced level.