Yuhuan Haishan successively investigated 3 illegal food cases
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   In order to achieve full coverage of food safety supervision, the Yuhuan City Market Supervision Administration took the opportunity of the”Chunlei” special law enforcement action to carry out special inspections on the food business units in Haishan Township to ensure that the supervision did not leave dead ends or missed blind spots, and continued investigations and punishments. A case of selling food that exceeded the expiration date.
  Recently, during a daily inspection of Haishan Township, law enforcement officers found that a small supermarket with less than 50 square meters actually had 3 expired foods for sale on the shelves, including 6 bottles of September red refreshing rice wine (production date 2017) August 23, the shelf life of 36 months); 1 bottle of Chinese Jinjiu (production date November 28, 2017, shelf life of 3 years); 10 bags of Rangli pumpkin toast bread (shelf life of 60 days, production date December 2020 On the 14th), the above-mentioned foods will expire more than ten days at least, and more than half a year. Because the parties concerned sold foods beyond the expiration date and violated Article 18 of the”Administrative Regulations of Zhejiang Province on the Management of Small Food Workshops, Small Catering Shops, Grocery Stores, and Food Vendors”, the law enforcement officers of the bureau seized the above-mentioned expired foods and initiated investigations.
   On March 2, 2021, law enforcement officers went to the island again for inspection and investigated and dealt with two cases of selling food that exceeded the shelf life. Currently, the three cases are under further investigation and processing.