Yongzhou Lingling District Market Supervision Administration launches special rectification of illegal operations in pork operations
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   In order to maintain the normal order of pork business in Lingling District, Yongzhou and ensure the food safety of the masses, recently, the Lingling District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau severely cracked down on pork in accordance with the municipal bureau. The deployment of a special action for illegal activities in the business link has sent law enforcement officers to conduct pull-net inspections on the live pig product centralized trading market, fresh supermarkets, and mobile pork operators in the jurisdiction.

   This time the key inspection sellers”two certificates and two chapters” (ie animal quarantine certificate, meat quality inspection certificate, animal quarantine certificate, meat quality Qualified inspection seal) and the implementation of the inspection system; strictly check the incoming inspection records, and strictly prohibit the purchase and operation of live pig products such as pork that have no legal source, have not been inspected or quarantined, or have failed inspection and quarantine. Supervised and urged pig product operators and units to perform their purchase inspection and recording obligations in accordance with the law, and carried out laws and regulations publicity and education for some operators who had weak legal concepts and did not use animal quarantine certificates as required, and specially printed more than 500 laws and regulations related to pork business Information leaflets are distributed free of charge.

   As of now, a total of 35 live pig product centralized trading markets, fresh supermarkets, catering service units, 122 individual pork business households have been inspected, and 3 hidden food safety hazards have been eliminated , During the inspection, an illegal act of privately slaughtered pigs without inspection and quarantine was found to be listed on the market, and was immediately transferred to the market supervision and management office of the jurisdiction for punishment in accordance with the law and the privately slaughtered pork was promptly harmlessly treated.