Yongning Market Supervision Office in Naxi District, Luzhou Launches Actions to Protect Food Safety Around Campuses in Spring
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   In order to further strengthen the supervision of food safety around the campus and ensure the food safety and health of the teachers and students in the jurisdiction when the new semester begins, Luzhou City, March 4 The Yongning Market Supervision Office of Naxi District carried out food safety protection activities around the school.

   This inspection focused on the inspection area of ​​50 meters around the school. Through on-site inquiry and review of records, the food around the school in one street and two towns in the jurisdiction was inspected. Business units and catering units. It has checked in detail whether each unit publishes food and catering information, whether the main responsibility for food safety is fulfilled, whether to ask for evidence and tickets, and whether there are problems such as expired food,”three-no” food, and”five cents” food.

   In response to the inspections found that some businesses around the school have irregularities in the placement of items, incomplete accounting records, and the expiration of health certificates, law enforcement officials have ordered them on the spot Rectify and supervise them to strengthen food safety self-examination and self-correction, promptly clean up the temporary food in the store and other food that does not meet the food safety requirements, and ensure that the items are neatly placed and the ledger records are complete.

   Next, the Yongning Market Supervision Office will continue to carry out in-depth food safety inspections in campus cafeterias in conjunction with the Town Street Food Safety Office, Education Supervision Office and other relevant departments. The deadline will not be changed. Merchants whose rectifications are not in place are resolutely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, and strive to create a healthy and safe eating environment.