Yiyang market supervision department seized 295 bottles of counterfeit”Niulanshan” liquor
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   On March 2, the Yiyang City Market Supervision Bureau received reports from the masses that some stores in the urban-rural fringe area of ​​Ziyang District were selling counterfeit and inferior liquor.

   After receiving the report, the Municipal Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment immediately joined the Ziyang District Market Supervision Bureau to dispatch, and together with the brand appraisal staff, came to Xinqiaohe Town Hu The Huage Wholesale Department of Xingshan Community, and the Food Wholesale Department of Jianer Sao in Heba Village, etc., appraised the existing”Niulanshan” aged liquor, and found that most of the liquor’s bottleneck was inconsistent with the code of the bottle cap, which was fake and inferior. In addition, the merchants were unable to provide purchase receipts and supplier licenses. Law enforcement officers seized 25 boxes of 295 bottles of liquor that were investigated on the spot, and filed a case for investigation.

  3-15 National Consumer Rights Day is coming soon, the city’s market supervision departments will focus on key industries, key areas, key areas, and key products that are critical to people’s livelihood, and continue Carry out the 3-15 special action of centralized law enforcement with”end-house management” as the main form, focusing on rectifying prominent issues such as food safety, drug safety, special equipment safety, product quality, counterfeiting and infringement, false certification, false propaganda, price violations, etc., and guarding The market is safe, and people’s consumption is unblocked.