Ya’an”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ investigated and dealt with 1044 cases of various types in accordance with the law
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   On March 29, the fourth press conference of Ya’an City’s”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ and Cold Chain Logistics Epidemic Prevention and Control Law Enforcement Action was held. Since the launch of the event, Ya’an City has investigated and dealt with 1044 cases of various types and closed 714 cases. In these cases, 6,159,500 were fined and confiscated, of which 139 were major cases of more than 10,000 yuan.
  In accordance with the unified arrangement of the provincial bureau, from December 15, 2020 to March 31, 2021, a 100-day”Spring Thunder Operation 2021″ will be organized and carried out across the province. Since the launch of the action, the Ya’an City market supervision system, with the strong support of the local party committee and government, is based on its own duties, takes the initiative, and focuses on the theme of “prevention and control of chaos, ensuring safety, improving quality, stabilizing growth and promoting development”, with “6+1” law enforcement actions as the main The task is to pay close attention to the investigation and handling of illegal cases, strengthen social propaganda and guidance, and strive to ensure the safety and order of the market and the stability of the society, and remarkable results have been achieved.
  As of March 26, the city has dispatched 14,527 law enforcement officers (times), inspected 14,381 market entities (households), inspected 408 school canteens, inspected 421 special equipment users (households), and inspected special equipment 9 equipment manufacturing, installation, transformation and repair units (households), renovating 60 key areas, monitoring 850 e-commerce platforms (times), monitoring advertisements for 1,000 (times), and banning 1 unlicensed and unlicensed business households, 1 business license and operating permit were revoked, 491 consumer complaints and reports were accepted, economic losses were recovered for consumers of 263,300 yuan, 74 consumer warnings and consumer reminders were issued, 115 times of collaborative law enforcement were carried out, administrative guidance and administrative appointments were carried out Talk 60 times.
   During the 100-day”Spring Thunder Action 2021″, Ya’an City investigated and dealt with 1044 cases of various types according to law, closed 714 cases, and fined 615,500 yuan, of which 139 were important cases (107 cases of 10,000-50,000 yuan) , 23 cases of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan, 8 cases of 100,000 to 500,000 yuan, 1 case of 1 million to 3 million).
   After the”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ mobilization and deployment video call conference in the province, Ya’an Geng will immediately hold the city’s”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ mobilization and deployment video call will make arrangements for the city’s”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ deployment. The”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ leading group was established as soon as possible, with the bureau’s party secretary and director as the team leader, the leaders in charge as the deputy team leaders, and the departments and directly affiliated units as members. Set up a special work class with leaders in charge as the team leader, and set up 8 inspection and supervision teams, focusing on the”Cold Chain Logistics Epidemic Prevention and Control”,”Intellectual Property”Convoy”,”Yangtze River” and”Cold Chain Logistics Epidemic Prevention and Control” uniformly deployed by the Provincial Bureau of”Spring Thunder 2021″ Special inspections and supervision and comprehensive law enforcement were carried out in 6 areas including the prohibition of arrest and breaking the chain, the “safety elimination of special equipment”, the “fighting of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas”, and the “quality and safety of medical equipment used for epidemic prevention and control”.
  ” Under the promotion of the high position of the municipal government, the market supervision system took the initiative to contact the public, procuratorate, and other departments, convened a joint meeting on the convergence of the two laws, analyzed and discussed relevant cases, and ensured that the Spring Thunder Operation Mutual ventilation and joint advancement in enforcement actions such as punishment enforcement and case transfer.” Lan Jun, chief economist and press spokesperson of the Ya’an Municipal Market Supervision Administration, said that in addition to completing the “prescribed actions” in the province, we also selected the actual conditions of Ya’an to “strike the construction field, the motor vehicle industry, food safety and sanitation and other inspections. The”false data law enforcement action issued by the testing agency” is an optional action, which provides strong organizational guarantees and institutional guarantees for the in-depth and effective development of special actions, and the effect is remarkable.