Xinzhou City Market Supervision Administration will focus on food safety supervision and sampling during the 2021 “two sessions”
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   In order to further promote the city’s 100-day action to centralize food safety, ensure food safety during the “Two Sessions” in 2021, ensure the health and safety of the people, and ensure the smooth convening of the “Two Sessions” in Xinzhou, Xinzhou City Market Supervision Administration Special sampling inspections of food and edible agricultural products during the”Two Sessions” were carried out throughout the city, and the”Work Plan for Sampling Inspection of Food and Edible Agricultural Products During the”Two Sessions” in Xinzhou City in 2021″ was formulated.
   The Municipal Bureau organized the testing personnel of the Municipal Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Center to provide assistance to Xinzhou Duncun Conference Center Co., Ltd., Xinzhou Zhongfan Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Shanxi Unicom Duncun Training Co., Ltd., Xinzhou City, Four catering companies, including Tonglian Exhibition Co., Ltd., conducted sampling inspections. A total of 30 batches were sampled, covering three major food categories:processed grain products, edible vegetable oils, and edible agricultural products. Edible agricultural products involved 3 livestock and poultry meat, vegetables, and fruits. Food subcategory. The sampling work will be completed before February 20, 2021, and the laboratory inspection is in progress. Focus on the detection of heavy metals, agricultural and animal residues, pollutants, mycotoxins, microorganisms and other items. Strive to find, early warning, and early disposal of hidden food safety risks, so as to ensure food safety in the city during the”Two Sessions” period. (Sampling Check Section)