Xinxiang Customs Helps Henan Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Export to Cross the”Bad Winter”
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   On March 5, the 6.67 tons of frozen winter melon diced produced by Henan Jinsiwei Agricultural Food Development Co., Ltd. were successfully exported to South Korea after passing the quarantine of Xinxiang Customs under Zhengzhou’s Xinxiang Customs, achieving a”good start” for export in the Year of the Ox.
  ”Recently, the company’s overseas sales have been very good, with an average of 2 containers per day, about 20 tons of fruits and vegetables, and 4 containers per day at most.” Henan Jinsiwei Agricultural Food Development Co., Ltd. Said production manager Wang Hao.
  ”The export of frozen fruits and vegetables industry is a characteristic industry of Xinxiang City. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the downward pressure on foreign trade has increased.” The head of the Xinxiang Customs Comprehensive Business Section introduced,”In this regard, Xinxiang Customs has formulated a series of facilitation measures , Let frozen fruits and vegetables’speed up’ going out.”
   Mentioning the convenience measures of the customs, the company’s salesman Pei Mingshun was deeply touched:”The customs has set up a special window for agricultural products to provide services such as origin visa and certificate mailing. Now the inspection and quarantine certificate can be processed online through the’Internet + customs’. The speed of customs clearance is faster, and the cost of the company is also reduced.”
  In order to effectively ensure the stability of the production and operation of export fruit and vegetable enterprises in the jurisdiction, Xinxiang Customs gives full play to the role of the customs enterprise coordinator, comprehensively promotes the online customs clearance appointment platform, collects and organizes relevant technical and trade measures in foreign markets, and promptly publicizes relevant information and trends to enterprises , To help companies to develop overseas markets with a targeted; do a good job of source management and process supervision, guide companies to carry out risk inspections in key links such as raw material procurement, production and processing, and finished products storage, guide companies to standardize management and improve quality management systems and traceability management systems; establish export green Channels, follow up all aspects of pre-shipment inspection, export declaration, inspection and release, implement”zero-waiting” services, implement appointment inspections, and appointment customs clearance modes, so that inspections and inspections can be carried out with the application.
   In the first two months of this year, Xinxiang Customs assisted the export of 48 batches of frozen fruits and vegetables in its jurisdiction with a value of RMB 8.3624 million, a year-on-year increase of 38.6%and 42.3%respectively. (Liu Yanzhe/text)