Xiaogan City Launches Special Inspections on Food Safety in Spring Schools
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   From March 8th to March 31st, Xiaogan City Market Supervision Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment will carry out spring school food safety inspections within the”three districts” of the city and four streets in the city to effectively eliminate hidden food safety hazards and protect teachers Raw food is safe and healthy.
   The inspection objects are 142 units at all levels and types of schools (including kindergartens) within the municipal”three districts” and the four streets of the city.
  The inspection content includes”ten strict inspections”:strictly inspect the establishment and implementation of the school food safety management system, strictly inspect the holding of the”food business license”, strictly investigate the construction of kitchen stoves, and strictly inspect environmental hygiene Strictly check the health management and training of employees, strictly check the implementation of the certificate requesting ticket system, strictly check the implementation of cleaning and disinfection, strictly check the food processing and production management, strictly check the use of food additives, and strictly check the catering services around the campus The operator’s food safety management situation.
  The key point is to check whether the school canteen food safety responsibility system with the principal as the first responsible person has been established; if the school (kindergarten institution) engages in catering operations without permission, it shall be investigated and dealt with in strict accordance with the law; the purchase of food and raw materials will be inspected A ledger with purchase records for food additives and food-related products purchase inspection, certificate and invoice. And check whether the use of food that has exceeded the expiration date, spoilage and deterioration, etc. affects food safety, whether the health management system for employees has been established, and whether the use of food additives meets the relevant national regulations, etc. The school or food business operator shall be ordered to make rectification and reform immediately for the hidden food safety risks discovered; and the suspected food safety violations shall be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.