Xiantao City Market Supervision Bureau organizes special inspections on food safety in high-speed service areas
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   In order to implement the requirements of the”Notice of the Provincial Department of Transportation and Provincial Market Supervision Bureau on Feedback on the Special Improvement of Food Safety in Expressway Service Areas in the Province”, March 25-29, the Xiantao City Market Supervision Bureau organized relevant departments and jurisdictions The Market Supervision Office, led by the bureau’s party group member and deputy director Zeng Shaobo, conducted special inspections on five business units in the Xiantao service area of ​​Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, Xiantao South Service Area of ​​Xiaohong Expressway, and Xiantao Service Area of ​​Suiyuenan Expressway in Xiantao City. .
   This action focused on the implementation of relevant work such as food sales, catering service, and epidemic prevention and control of food business units in the high-speed service area. The food business units in the expressway service area of ​​the city have been able to implement the relevant requirements of food safety management, and no major food safety risks and hidden dangers have been found. However, there are still some business units operating food beyond the scope, the production date and shelf life of bulk food are not marked in the storage location, the implementation of the food sample retention system is not standardized, and the epidemic prevention and control measures are incomplete. Some food workers do not wear gloves or masks to operate. Some supermarkets and restaurants did not put disinfectant at the entrance.
  Zeng Shaobo emphasized in the inspection that all food business units must earnestly implement their main responsibilities and fulfill relevant requirements for food safety management. All market supervision offices must fully perform their supervision duties, strengthen supervision measures, strengthen publicity and education, improve emergency response, and pay attention to detailed management to ensure that there is no problem with food safety supervision in expressway service areas within our city.
   This special inspection has laid a solid foundation for food safety work in expressway service areas, further regulated food safety management in expressway service areas, standardized normal management of epidemic prevention and control work, and guaranteed the lives of passengers Property safety.