Xiangxi Customs facilitates the first export of navel oranges
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   was inspected and released by the Xiangxi Customs under Changsha Customs on March 22. The 25.8 tons of fresh navel oranges produced in Baojing County, Xiangxi were shipped successfully and will be exported to Southeast Asia by sea via Shenzhen. This is the first export of Xiangxi navel oranges.

   Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is the first place for”precise poverty alleviation”, and it was also the main battlefield for poverty alleviation in Hunan. The local citrus fruits are orange-yellow in color, crispy and juicy. Citrus cultivation is one of the three pillars of agriculture in western Hunan. The prosperity of the domestic market is a”poverty alleviation fruit” that helps local people of all ethnic groups get rid of poverty.

   In order to enable Xiangxi citrus to”walk” both domestic and international markets, and to better assist rural revitalization, Xiangxi Customs took the initiative to provide”one-stop shop” for corporate orchards and processing plants”Go through the procedures for assessment, review and filing, guide enterprises to improve the quality management system, and be familiar with the relevant technical standards of the importing country. Before the Spring Festival this year, two local fruit companies successively obtained export registration qualifications. For export fruits, the customs adopted”5+2″ appointment declaration,”zero delay” customs clearance operations, and timely issued the China-ASEAN certificate of origin for the first batch of exported navel oranges. The batch of navel oranges can obtain”zero tariff” in the importing country. treatment.

The person in charge of    exporter Hunan Yunlai Agriculture Co., Ltd. introduced that the navel orange exported this time is a new variety introduced in recent years, with high added value, storage durability, and accepted in the international market The export price and gross profit are more than double that of domestic sales. The customer channel is stable, and the export scale will be expanded in the future. At present, the company has accumulated more than 18,000 mu of new varieties of citrus orchards built by surrounding fruit farmers. It has also signed assistance agreements with 1,125 local villagers to achieve employment and receive dividends, with an average annual increase of 15,000 yuan per capita.

  According to the statistics of Changsha Customs, there are currently 150 registered orchards and fruit processing enterprises in Hunan Province. A total of 3273.4 tons and 3300 of fresh fruits such as tangerines and citrus were exported from January to February. 10,000 yuan, an increase of 39.2%and 48.9%respectively year-on-year.